“Ontario is open for business,” Ford Says. (Watch on Demand)


PC Party Leader Doug Ford stopped by the Sault Friday morning as part of the final leg of his Northern Ontario tour to talk about how the Ontario PC Plan For The People will help working people find and keep good jobs and make ends meet.

“Our plan is for the workers and steel workers across the province, and the men and women right here in Sault Ste. Marie that we support,” he said. “And I want to thank the United Steelworkers for standing beside Ross (Romano). Ross is a great representative that’s fighting for the people of Sault Ste. Maire.”

As part of his plan, Ford committed that the PCs will use the Northern Ontario Heritage fund to keep the Huron Central Railway open.

When asked about what the PCs will do to help the federal government push back atΒ  the Trump administration’s tariffs, Ford said they will stand beside the federal government and their decisions.

“United we stand, we are stronger.”

He continued, saying the PC’s plan to make to make Ontario competitive regionally.

“Right now, Ontario isn’t competitive. We have the highest hydro rates in North America, the highest taxes, we have 380 thousand regulations – it’s hard for the companies to survive. We have the cap and trade, we have the carbon tax. It’s tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend. We’re going to make sure we lower the taxes, we’re going to get rid of the cap and trade and carbon tax, we’re going to lower hydro rates – which is a job killer, hydro rates. We’re going to make sure we’re the most competitive region in North America,” he said. “I’m going to send a firm message to people around the world, and even companies south of the border: Ontario is open for business. And they’re going to be coming by the throes; because we will be more competitive than any region in North America. Because when businesses are strong, communities thrive. Towns thrive, cities thrive. But we have to go down to root cause. Root cause is when you have high taxes, high hydro rates, endless bureaucracy, endless regulations. It just doesn’t make us competitive. We will be competitive; we will thrive once again, as the greatest area to do business in the world. Right here in Ontario”

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  1. What some of you are missing here is the bigger picture.Ford may not be your 1st choice. That’s ok, I get it. But what we need right now is for Ontario to move towards a healthier environment for the economy to grow.Ask yourself, what does small, medium and large businesses need to survive, grow, hire more people and attract more businesses to this province that has lost 300,000 good paying jobs under wynne’s liberals. We need less red tape !!! If horwath’s ndp wins on June 7, you can be guaranteed that this province will continue to suffer, bleed red ink and see more job losses.We need less government, more incentives to grow the economy and bring optimism back to this “have not” province. The PCs are the only party that is promising to do this.With the libs and ndp, 350 Billion DEBT will become 400 Billion DEBT. Folks, a huge reason the PCs are running a deficit is because they are putting more money back into our pockets. Yes, more money in your pocket. Does anybody see anything wrong with that ? I sure don’t. Please cast your vote on June 7. Your children & grandchildren need you to do that. Have a nice week end.

    • So Frank…you admit Ford is not the greatest but you think we should support him anyway. I think voters can do better than that.

  2. I think Ford and Romano are done like toast. If Ford is the best the PC,s can come up with…they deserve to lose.

  3. I can see why some may dislike Ford. But at the end of the day PC is the best choice if your a tax paying citizen or business. Now if you want more social services and spending NDP sounds great. But where’s that money going to come from? Our pockets.

  4. Did Ross call a meeting with the USW locals about the steel tariffs? Or was it all PC lip-service? What can Romano do anyways? He was MPP the last time the Prime Minister came to town, just this past March and he couldn’t get an invite. I’m not sure what ‘pull’ or ‘prowess’ a PC MPP will have when working with a Liberal government? I do not think the Prime Minister needs or requires PC advice. the PM is not interested in union-breaking or selling our Canadian Steel and Aluminum Producers. Doug Ford and Ross Romano would love to have something to sell Us out to Trump about. Harper would have caved to the NAFTA threats and we would all be worse off. It is currently a right-wing government in the USA that is illogically slamming us with tariffs. Ross is the same colour. He will be impotent in changing anything related to trade, the CITT, NAFTA or the WTO.

    • Geoff McNaulty Hey chum, I am with you! I would love to see a true Libertarian system. The issue with cancelling taxes today would be that we have many many people who require help from the State, so we would have to transition properly, over time, to save the negative human-toll. There is definitely better ways to do it, but this is the system we are given. It would take more social responsibility from us all to live in a tax free system. cheers.

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