Operation Corridor. Speeding, Defective Equipment Lead List of Charges.


(ORILLIA, ON) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) laid a total 697 charges against transport truck drivers and took 63 trucks out of service during the OPP’s Operation Corridor enforcement initiative on June 13 – 14, 2018. In partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, the OPP stopped a total of 1,692 trucks during the 24-hour blitz.

Speeding led the list of offences, with 226 charges being laid. Defective equipment ranked second at 176 charges (see complete list of charges below).

Other charges ranged from unsecured loads to distracted driving, reaffirming the OPP’s commitment to its Commercial Motor Vehicle Collision Mitigation Strategy with the goal of saving lives on Ontario roads.

The OPP would like to thank the many safe transport truck drivers and other motorists who drove safely and helped keep our roads safe during the campaign.


Total Number of Vehicles Stopped: 1,692

Distracted Charges: 28

Speeding charges: 226

Speed Limiter charges: 38

Follow Too Close charges: 18

Unsafe Lane Change charges: 10

Move Left Charges: 4

Other Hazardous Moving Violations charges: 30

Seatbelt charges: 107

Equipment charges: 176

Insecure Load charges: 28

Hours of Services charges: 31

Impaired Driving charges: 0

Other Criminal offences: 1

Number of Out-of-Service Vehicles: 63


  1. Because they would be neglecting other duties such as regular vehicles, speeding, 120-150 km/hr, distracted drivers in cars and trucks, etc etc
    People think all transport drivers are bad and also that it takes half hour at least to check a driver and vehicle, cops aren’t ALL trained to inspect big vehicles and log books and how would bosses like there employees wasting that much time waiting for cops to figure out what to write you up for
    It’s not ALL drivers, you can’t treat them us such, they are tryna make a living and lots of these are just drivers, they don’t own the equipment, anyway I have to figure out why we always have turkey for supper on a holidays

  2. There was a time when our safety took precedence over saving money. it would seem this is no longer the case. I drove company trucks otr as well as an O/O and the ministry was always a large part of the trucking industry. Tractors have to be given a safety once a year as well as an emissions test. Trailers just get dragged up and down the highways and byways and are worked on when they break. I firmly believe this needs to be done more often and without any prior notification. Spot checks are the most fantastic way to get an honest read on who is doing what and when.

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