Parks Canada Sure Knows How to Host a Big Picnic

Lock's Big Picnic
People of all ages came out to the third annual Lock’s Big Picnic, held at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site on Saturday.

People of all ages came out to the third annual Lock’s Big Picnic, held at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site on Saturday.

This year’s event included live entertainment, activities for all ages, and Parks Canada airbrush tattoos. Supporting local, food and craft beer were brought in from local vendors. There was also a new addition to the picnic – an Artisan Market.

Elia Marini, a visitor experience product development officer for Parks Canada, said this picnic is a great way to promote tourism in the Sault. She said this event usually has a great turnout throughout the day.

“Every year has been great. The first year we had about 1700 people over the course of the six hours; we expect about the same this time around as well.”

Marini said Parks Canada is always looking for interesting ways to promote historic sites around the country, such as the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site.

“Parks Canada is the leading tourism provider for all of Canada, and we look for different and unique events and programs to bring Canadians out to experience our national Canadian treasures.”


  1. It was advertised in numerous places… sootoday and saultonline and on their FB and Instagram pages…I also saw posters around town …radio advertising is very expensive as is advertising in the newspaper so I can see why organizations don’t advertise on radio or in the newspaper.

  2. I feel the same way as Meliisa… Never heard or saw a word about this until the day afterward… Is someone afraid too many might show up???The government pee tons of cash up against the wall every day so a bit more advance notice shouldn’t be too much expense. I live in a seniors building and nobody I could find here heard about it beforehand..Oh well, just another boing day sliding past…..:(.

  3. Is it just me or is advertising for these events scarce!? My kids and I are always looking for things to do and always end up reading about events we missed the day after.

    • Sault Online I listen to local radio all day and never heard one thing about this or about the cruise night on Friday and I work at Prouse!!
      Everyone relies too much on social media! Well guess what, with FB last couple of updates their algorithms changed and if you don’t check pages everyday eventually you don’t see anything from those pages! It’s rediculous!
      Not everyone has social media outlets either, like my parents. My dad is always looking for things to do with the grand kids in the summer and gets angry when he finds out after the fact because they are only advertised on suicidal media! My parents have no desire to get any either.
      Totally disgusting.

    • I listen to 104 & 100.5 from 6am-4pm and never heard any advertising at all. And I’ve been downtown several times and I’ve never seen a poster or a sign out front of the place where they held it

    • Angela Romano, a lot of people miss some good local entertainment and activities because of social media advertising! Like I said previous, not everyone has or wants social media!

    • Chris Michaud I understand that but I am just saying there’s a reason why radio or print isn’t used as much … it costs too much… so if you aren’t on social media you may miss out if you rely just on radio for local events

    • Angela Romano I’m not disagreeing with You! It’s just saddening that our beautiful city and its people have to miss out on a lot of venues and activities and sites because radii and print cost too much!
      I stead they should be losing their advertising costs to compete with free social media!

    • Chris Michaud only thing I can suggest for those who can’t afford internet at home is to visit the public library maybe on a weekly basis to use their computers/internet to get caught up on local events.

    • I have Facebook (obviously), and I also follow saultonline, sootoday and the like on my Facebook. I still didn’t see anything advertised for this event, cruise night, or others we have missed out on until reading a story about it just like this one after the event is done.

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