Pedestrian Struck in Walmart Parking Lot


Around approximately 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in the Walmart portion of the Station Mall parking lot.

Police say the extent of the victims injuries are unknown at this time. An investigation is on-going.

Stay tuned for updates on both SaultOnline and ONNTv.


  1. Wasn’t an accident. Thief ran down loss prevention officer…If he thought he had problems when he couldn’t afford food, he should have bigger problems now.

    With our justice system he’s probably already back at Walmart robbing them blind again…Dude needs a raise

    • My son saw the thing. It was not an accident. The injured fellow was an employee at WalMart. The thief ran to his van and the employee chased him and covered the vehicle front. He was then taken around the parking lot twice and then made to fall off the van landing face down on the curb where I saw him-unconscious, heavily a braised, and breathing was not noticed. He did not awake even when the ambulance took him away. It became attempted murder and the employee did not follow protocol and for that he will have to recover and loose his job. They both made the worst decisions. he police arrived, but the ambulance came near and then drove farther away and then came back very late. It happened at approx. 9:30am. Police took my son’s report and some others.

  2. drivers need to slow down and pedestrians need to be cautious of erratic drivers! i dont know who was at fault here, but it is very unfortunate for the pedestrian!

  3. Some people will walk right in front of you as you are driving up and they don’t even care if cars are coming or not..that pisses me off….Look before you cross and drivers be careful

    • If there are yellow diagonal lines on the ground it is a cross walk and you, the driver, must stop/watch for pedestrians. It can piss you off until the cows come home but that’s why they walk out in front of you. Plus you’re in a car and they are out in the heat/cold/rain, you can wait and not be so impatient.

    • My son saw the whole thing transpire from his parked car as did the city maintenance fellows and a couple walkers. The report is false and does not conclude the matter in the least. Their station is close by and yet they sent no one around even with Police presence heavy and ambulance and noise. Their picture does not even show the position where the Wal Mart employee landed face down on the curb not moving. It happened approx. 9:30am not 8! The attempted murderer was in WalMart stealing small items. A customer told him to put stuff down. He left the store through the rear employee entrance and was chased by the WalMart employee-unfortunately. The employee should have taken down a licence plate, vehicle info and id, but instead he valiantly, (the wrong thing to do) chased the thief to his dark blue van in the rear parking lot as he attempted to drive out the rear. The employee full eagled the van and was subsequently (after some swerving attempts around the rear parking lot TWICE before he finally was) removed and fell flat onto the curb, where we saw him still laying. Big abrasions on his back, and likely elsewhere. He remained unconscious even when placed in a stretcher for the ambulance. He was breathing but deep and long. It was attempted murder, nothing less. My son left a full report with the Police. The driver over reacted and then could not stop. The employee over reacted and then placed himself in an un-expected dangerous situation, which immediately worsened for both of them. We feel for the employee, who will now have to recover over time, will likely loose his job for not following company protocol. The thief should be tracked down and have the book thrown at him. The reporter Megan Pounder should complete the story and make major corrections. The victim was not a pedestrian. He was an employee at WalMart for goodness sake. I spoke to some employees. Why didn’t you go over and see for yourself? This is a bigger story than you even took the time to inquire about.

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