Pedestrian Struck in Walmart Parking Lot


Around approximately 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in the Walmart portion of the Station Mall parking lot.

Police say the extent of the victims injuries are unknown at this time. An investigation is on-going.

Stay tuned for updates on both SaultOnline and ONNTv.

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  1. Wasn’t an accident. Thief ran down loss prevention officer…If he thought he had problems when he couldn’t afford food, he should have bigger problems now.

    With our justice system he’s probably already back at Walmart robbing them blind again…Dude needs a raise

  2. Some people will walk right in front of you as you are driving up and they don’t even care if cars are coming or not..that pisses me off….Look before you cross and drivers be careful

    • If there are yellow diagonal lines on the ground it is a cross walk and you, the driver, must stop/watch for pedestrians. It can piss you off until the cows come home but that’s why they walk out in front of you. Plus you’re in a car and they are out in the heat/cold/rain, you can wait and not be so impatient.