Planetary Pride CEO Speaks to Upcoming Resolution to Ban Retail Cannabis Sites


Planetary Pride and SWW Farms CEO Rob Waddell released a statement to SaultOnline in response to the upcoming resolution (to be discussed at council on June 11th) put forth by Councillors Myers and Hollingsworth which seeks to ban retail cannabis stores in the Sault.

The statement reads as follows,

“The upcoming legalization of cannabis Bill C-45 for recreational usage is a step forward in policy for Canada, and the fear mongering motion put forth by Councillor Myers and supported by Councillor Hollingsworth is five steps backwards.

Yes, our city has an opioid problem, just like many cities and towns across our country. Cannabis is used as a exit strategy for many people who find themselves addicted to this drug. It is not a gateway drug that leads people into a life of chemical dependence and crime, as they (the Councillors) claim. This myth has been debunked by many scientists and researchers world wide.

As evidence provided to the Canadian Senate recently as they debated and amended the bill before eventually passing it, there’s little evidence that legalized marijuana poses a threat to public health and safety. In fact there may be benefits, says a new study from Canadian doctors and researchers.

Dr. M.J. Milloy with the B.C. Centre on Substance Use worked on the study and said researchers did not find significant declines in road safety in American states where marijuana had been legalized. Interestingly enough, they did find a drop in alcohol sales.

They also found that rates of fatal opioid overdoses went down in some places. “There is evidence to suggest that when legal cannabis is available, people substitute that for other substances,” he said.

Legal cannabis is a projected $20 billion dollar industry, do we really want to try to push this industry out of our community and be non-receptive to its financial windfall? After all, was there not a proposed Marijuana Production Facility on 2nd line that saw high profile members of our city, police, and Algoma Public Health on the Board of Directors?

We should be embracing Cannabis and encouraging growth locally , as an Award Winning grower, I can attest that World Class cannabis can be grown in our area.

It’s time to move forward and be forward thinking in Cannabis Legalization and embrace it, after all the city doesn’t really have the power to stop it.”

Rob Waddell
Planetary Pride
SWW Farms


  1. Way to tell it @Rob Waddell. That is exactly it, although trading one substance for another is not exactly ideal. It is better for health issues. I have ibd. & my specialist was out of options for me for medications, so marijuana was the only other next option. It is what it is. even though I refused. And went back on the way Toronto dr’s regiment and pills prescription was I got to feel a bit more alive, less pain. But I do still have bad days. But that’s what will happen when you’re not pain free.

  2. also for myself who hasnt been walking properly for over a year with my RA and gave up on my doc telling all I can use is T3’s and I am in a catch 22 situation..nothing she could do..who refused any type of weed I take a very low THC yellow oil and can sleep the night through plus am walking as much as possible with a clear head..other than the bone degeneration which I know cant be stopped..I would think twice before you judge..I am doc drug free now thanks to taking that step!

  3. Doug Ford doesn’t support making cannabis legal. Our city council is pro PC. Coincidence? You will find Ford will put even more restrictions in place in Ontario as he can’t stop it completely once it’s legal Federally.So locally they will do what they can to stop the sales while turning a blind eye on the opioid issues. In fact I would like to see multi storefronts selling. That way there won’t be a monopoly.

  4. Anne King maybe if you watched your husband crying in pain from cancer,and opiopds wouldn’t touch his pain,trief vaping weed as a last resort and it worked you might have a different opinion.I know I now do

  5. SSM should ban the internet with the same resolution. Things were SUPER back in the 70’s, then the hamlet got left behind. Let’s go back to the good old days. That’s the ticket! Put up a wall while you’re at it…

  6. Typical backwards SSM thinking. Studies in the states where marijuana is legal have shown a drop in opioid-related deaths. Why? For a large part because many people seek out pot for relief of pain and other issues. When they can’t get it, they get opioids instead, either legally or illegally, and/or they drink. Because of the current opioid hysteria, it’s getting more and more difficult to access prescription opioids even when a person truly needs them. When a person can’t get pain relief legally and they are suffering, they turn to the street, sometimes getting more than they bargained for.

    With legal marijuana, there’s no fear of it being laced with anything. People will get the relief they want without being forced to find a dealer and will be able to turn away from opioids. This is a good thing.

    If kids/people are going to try harder drugs, they’re going to regardless of if pot is legal or not. And if they do decide to try pot legally, at least they’ll be safe from being sold pot laced with something or synthetic marijuana, which can kill.

    Perhaps if those in opposition spent some time in the shoes of someone who is in severe chronic pain (especially one whose needed opioid access has been cut off because of the hysteria and stigma) or someone with PTSD or a parent with an epileptic child, they’ll step forth with compassion into the 21st century and reconsider their small-minded, unfounded fears.

    • You’re an absolutely uneducated ignorant woman to just be flapping your lips with ignorant comment. And I don’t mean rude kind of ignorant, I meant lack of knowledge kind of ignorant, the worst kind. Go back under your rock lady!! You’re a joke!!
      You aren’t from the Sault so why you commenting on our news pages anyhow?? Go away you uneducated old coot. Works in medicine yet is against something NATURAL!!! like really… my mother is a PSW, and even she said this was a long time coming!!! Should have been done already!! Byeee lady!

    • Karen Wilson actually I do and if I’m so stupid Karen then why was and IS my specialist still trying to put me on MJ???? Hmmmm!!! But I know nothing. Broad please, I have more medical conditions Than you care to know about, all of which could benefit from MJ, and I know a HELL of a lot more than you do, so sit down & shut your mouth 🤐, because you’re the only one looking IGNORANT like Anne on here!! Get tf out of here!!
      Go back to your job as a dietary aid… you work with service skills in the kitchen!!! That’s all you are too!! You know NOTHING about medication, you’re not a PSW!!! Hahahah!! BYEEEEEE!!!

  7. “We” as fools are electing these backwards thinking dinosaurs who are so close minded and set in their ways. Yet, we think they will somehow change and do something good for our city. What is the definition of insanity again??? If people need proper research…look and see what Portugal did to help with their drug problem. Legalization across the board and spent money on treatment instead of wasting money putting people in prison. There is still a drug problem but they have closed several prisons and it is not as bad as it once was. The western hemisphere is so far behind that we think we are in first place.

  8. Our city council is old, out of touch, and apparently stupid. I am deeply saddened by the lack of quality or common sense held by our local politicians. I’ve lived in many cities, and this is the only one I’ve ever lived where the old fartknockers live in a COMPLETELY separate world from everyone else.

    Believing in brutally dumb fallacies, going against science, going against modern law, and trying to pass directly harmful legislation sounds like the pattern.
    These politicians have literally defined themselves through stupidity. I don’t know how I didn’t expect this.

    • In October you have a chance to elect a new council, I hear in Ward 1 there’s a young man running for the seat. I wonder what is stance on this resolution is? Perhaps maybe he could comment on this seeing as the person he’s running against is the seconder of this resolution.

  9. Does this surprise you coming from the kook and her puppet sidekick?
    Thank God she is leaving as a Councillor, well overdue! Now if a few more would follow the city could get some fresh young blood that thinks rationally. As long as these backward types remain on council expect a lot more of the same uneducated thinking.

  10. I think Susan Myers is the type of person who didn’t get invited to fun times and parties earlier in life.

    After being rejected by her peers and seeing them having fun , she has become frigid and cold.

    Her parents were probably way too strict and with the combo of these things; she has grown into a full blown beech.

    just my opinion of why ppl end up the way she seems to be.

    She kinda sounds dictator-ish…. sort of trumpian. Listen to me Susan Myers for I AM GOD.

  11. The author has a vested interest in the promotion of the legal sale, and therefore the comments should be adjusted accordingly. Our millennial youth already has its head in a cloud, I don’t think we need to provide more.

  12. Once again and as usual … those of us who have our s**t together have to do without due to those who don’t … while the rich get richer. 😡smfh

  13. Well said mr ceo anyone who thinks cannabis can not help with the ever present and growingopid crisis in our little city,has not done their homework.its this kind of backwards thinking that will hinder finding a way out of this deadly crisis.its time to step up and climb into the 21st century.we are all effected by this crisis,it’s no time to turn your back on it.there is more than sufficient evidence to the fact that cannabis helps.recent election shows that our government will not help,get your heads out of your asses and become a part of the cure not the cause

  14. Awesome Rob well said. We need more people of the truth to stand and speak. Doctors have got rich filling us with poison for The last 30 years. I am4/5 off opiates that were promised to be my future for life but doctorsand pain specialist. I am great full for marijuana . And tired of ole fear mongering nobody’s pertending to be knoledgable..
    I want to live
    Ppp to the truthfully….

  15. With the amount of illegal Cannabis use in this city, you’d think they’d be through the moon finally being able to legally charge for it. How is it worse than tobacco? Just tax it and be happy.

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