Power Interruption in Progress – Update, Accident and Traffic Lights Out


It has been reported that an unplanned power interruption is currently affecting PUC customers in Sault Ste. Marie. The power outage occurred at 1:42pm, affecting 394 customers.

Specific areas affected are Willow, Kent, Rush, Malabar, Eagle, Willoughby, Champlain, Blake, and McNabb by Great Northern Road. SaultOnline has been informed that the power is out at Rome’s Independent Grocer’s and outlets inside the Cambrian Mall, but Canadian Tire is still open.

The cause is currently unknown, as line crews are investigating. If you have any information leading to the cause of the outage or other concerns please call the PUC emergency number at 759-6555.

SaultOnline has also been told that the traffic lights are out of commission at the McNabb and Great Northern Road intersection, as well as the traffic lights coming out of the Cambrian Mall into Bulk Barn.

It appears as though an accident occurred at the Great Northern Road and McNabb intersection may have been caused by the outage, as traffic lights aren’t in service.

A black car and a red van have gotten into a collision in the middle of the intersection. It appears as though nobody is hurt.

We will provide updates as they become available.


  1. Ya at 89 you think you would know the rules of the road pay attention your full sized 5000lb van is a rolling death machine abide by the rules or know when to hang up your driving gloves. People’s lives are at risk

  2. Actually a person was hurt, transported by ambulance. Collapsed at the scene. 89 year old driver of the van charged .

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