River Valley Residents Living in Constant Fear of Power Disconnect And Several More Things.

River Valley Mobile Home Park.

On Friday, June 1st, three individuals – were observed in River Valley Park shutting off power to some homeowners, and locking some of the individual meters at the bulk meter source.

Homeowners in the community north of Sault Ste. Marie in Aweres Township, were becoming increasingly alarmed that Algoma Power was going to be shutting off power to River Valley Park on Monday, June 4th, 2018. This information was being circulated throughout the park last Friday, June 1st, 2018.  ‘Information circulation’ happens – whether the information is accurate or not – especially when there is a park closure on the line – and people’s basic human right to know what’s going on with their home is at stake.

Superior Media reached out to Algoma Power last Friday, and connected with Peggy Lund, Customer Relations Supervisor. Lund shared,  “Algoma Power has issued no such notification. By regulation, a notification would be sent, and that has not occurred. Under the (legislation) Ontario Energy Board, tenants should never be surprised by a disconnect (of hydro) notice. We would have posted a notice, for example, in a communal area where residents would have access. We have issued no such notification that power to the park is being shut off. It must be a very upsetting time for them (homeowners). I can confirm that Algoma Power is not cutting off the power.”

“River Valley Park Inc. is the customer – and Algoma Power is the distributor.” she said

“What we do at Algoma power – when we have residents living past a bulk meter –  we would give them at least a week notice for any notification of disconnect. That is the way we manage our business.  If they don’t find a notification (from Algoma Power), it’s not happening.”

Lund further shared that “The bulk meter is owned by Algoma Power and only API is authorized to access it (for any reason).  API is not aware of how any trailer park is managing their billings to residents.  In this case, it appears there are meters that are owned by the park.  The meters past the bulk meter are privately owned (not Algoma Power’s meters) therefore, we are not aware of who is authorized to access these meters.”
Numerous attempts to reach Mr. Jasbir Dusanjh have been unsuccessful by Superior media. The park office phone number has been disconnected for some time now.

RVP residents are left with serious problems – huge problems.  Included on the lengthy list is  a septic system in violation of current provincial standards.  A boiled water advisory due to low water pressure –  A water system that has yet to be professionally inspected for repair – and – according to one homeowner, Mr. James Sloan,  who has been taking on the issue of water pressure at the pump house as a volunteer and dedicated homeowner – No one from River Valley Inc., has even sent a professional to inspect the system to determine where the leak is coming from.

Boil Water Advisory issued May 7, 2018.

Mr. Sloan has been supporting the homeowners at River Valley by shutting down the pumps at midnight each night to allow for the tanks to fill.  The homeowners are generally all trying to pull together by conserving water as much as possible. Frivolous use of water is not recommended at River Valley Park.

On Friday, June 1st, Mr. Sloan was informed in the morning that Beaumont Water Testers would no longer be required at the Park. A rapid- fire rumour was circulating that the park was closing on Monday, June 4th, 2018.

Superior Media spoke with Mr. Robert Lucier, Beaumont Water Testers, who assures the community that Beaumont Water testers are continuing to test the water, under contract with River Valley Park Inc. The water is tested twice a week and samples are sent twice a month to a lab in Garson, Ontario for further testing – under Regulation 170, The Safe Drinking Water Act.

Mr. Lucier  stated that the water at River Valley continues to be good. Beaumont Water Testing were contracted by River Valley Park Inc. visa vie the Algoma Public Health order and Boil Water Advisory (May 7, 2018).

There was information to that affect – that water testing might be suspended – but that was cleared up later on Friday. “Mr. Dusanjh called me and stated that water testing was to continue uninterrupted.”

And therein lies the rub. “Nobody really has a straight answer on what is going on out there (River Valley Park). I don’t know what the owners are waiting for – everythings at a standstill out there. Because of the waste  water situation – there has to be something done immediately.” said Robert Lucier.

wooden ‘strong’ box for deposits of cash and cheque is affixed to the outside RV Park office.

With no apparent, official agent or manager of River Valley Park, residents have been asked to place any monies owing for power, or monthly lot fees, etc.  (cash or cheque) into a wooden lock box affixed to the outside of the River Valley Park office. With no one in charge of the park, it is a roll of the dice as to what to do with any funds. As Superior Media learned – the wooden box is relatively lightweight, and could (likely) easily be interfered with. Residents who spoke with saultonline stated emphatically that they would not be inclined to place any amount of cash or cheque into the lock box. “A swift kick would take that off there in no time.” stated one of the homeowners.

The Office is closed at River Valley Park and the phone has been disconnected. June 1,2018

There are several more rumours with differing closure dates that homeowners are wondering about. Worrying about more like. At the very least, homeowners deserve to have a game plan presented to them. Immediately. Nobody wants to leave there, and even if they could afford to move their homes- there isn’t anywhere to take them. One homeowner told Saultonline, that she investigated the cost of moving her mobile home – One that has been there since the 1970’s. “It would be a minimum of $12,000 – $20,0000 to pick it up and put it on a boom truck/trailer. And even if it didn’t fall apart, it is $1,000 / per kilometer to take it wherever it’s going.”



  1. “If you fail to pay your electricity bill, your electricity provider can disconnect your supply. They can also disconnect power if you fail to pay a required security deposit. If you have paid a security deposit, it will be applied to the amount you owe before your electricity supply is disconnected.

    The electricity provider must give you at least 10 days’ notice before disconnecting you. If a social service agency informs them that it is checking to see if you qualify for assistance under our low-income energy consumer programs, the electricity provider will delay disconnecting your service for up to 21 days. If you have medical equipment that relies on electricity, and have documentation from your doctor, the provider must give you at least 60 days’ notice before disconnecting you.”
    – Ontario Energy Board (OEB)

  2. tHANK YOU, Lynne Brown, for enlightening the public to our Delima which the Liberal, PC, Green Party, and NOP have ignored our plight even though it has been an election year. Mike Mantha MP NDP right from the start stood by us. I have asked the Public to PLEASE spread our word and to HONK their horns in SUpport for us. but to do it in front of the PIONEER PARK which is a HEARING distance from us because the owners of this park and his brothers stay and live there. We need everyone’s HELP PLEASE>>>>

    • I met the owners two years ago at home depot when they were buying equipment to install the new water lines and they live south in the GTA. In either case, I wouldn’t suggest anyone go to anyone’s private dwelling and cause harassment because that is against the law and against respectable behavior. The owner’s brother may live in the area but he is not a part of the River Valley business, to my understanding, so going to him with any River Valley issues is like going to your neighbor’s grandmother’s house across town when you are sick of your neighbor not mowing his lawn- won’t accomplish anything.

  3. Nice. A heads up to every crook within a hundred miles that there is a unsecure box of money for the taking!

      • I’m sure you can pay in person if you ask for their bank account # and their corporate name. Banks accept third-party deposits so there’s literally no excuse to be living for free.

  4. It’s obvious that no one had the right to lock any power meters. They should be charged if they don’t unlock them immediately. These spineless people are lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut.

    • By law privately owned hydro boxes/meters must be under lock and key by the private owner in order to deter tampering with the units. If they were unlocked then it would be an issue as anyone can shut off power on any meter.

  5. There seems to be no easy answer to this problem. You have to feel for these owners who have to deal with an absentee landlord.

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