Romano Isn’t Finished Fighting

Ross Romano

When I first told my wife I was thinking about running to be your MPP I was surprised by her response. Knowing the demands on our young family, she encouraged me to run and had me promise her that I would go to Queens Park to create a better future for our children and help Sault Ste. Marie reach its full potential.

Having been an advocate and a fighter throughout my professional life, she asked me to use my fighting spirit to ensure that our children would not grow up in the same environment that I had, 25 years earlier. That was an environment where my fellow classmates and I were worried about whether or not we would have a future here. That problem continues to exist today.

During the by-election last year, I knocked on your doors for six months and made one promise to you; to fight for you and the issues that matter to you. I asked you to give me the chance to serve as your MPP for one year to prove to you that I would keep that promise.

On June 1, 2017, you gave me that chance, electing me as your first Progressive Conservative MPP since Russ Ramsay in 1981.

Since that day I have worked tirelessly fighting for you and our city. When a Liberal MPP called our region a ‘No man’s land’, I was there to take him to task. In February, when President Trump considered imposing tariffs on steel and our provincial government thought that antagonizing him by placing tariffs on New York was a good idea, I was there fighting for our steel workers.

I have continually fought for the Ring of Fire (ROF) and the Ferrochrome Processing Facility (FPF). I believe that the ROF presents the greatest opportunity Northern Ontario has ever seen. It is often compared to the oil sands of Alberta with a mining basin as large as the nickel basin in Sudbury. It holds the world’s fourth largest supply of high grade chromite, the raw material used to make stainless steel.

I believe that Sault Ste. Marie has the potential to become the economic engine of Northern Ontario. With our ideal location at the centre of the Great Lakes, I believe the ROF will allow us to reach that potential. The ROF is the key to ensuring that our youth are no longer our greatest export and securing the FPF in Sault Ste. Marie is the first step towards achieving that goal.

I have made significant progress in bringing the FPF to Sault Ste. Marie, but my work is not done yet. I promise you I will not rest until I have accomplished my goal of making sure that our City does in fact reach its full potential. Over one thousand good paying, sustainable jobs are within our reach but I need your support to help me finish what I started.

I am asking you to continue on the path we started and give me the chance to once again prove to you what I can do. Consider the progress I have made in only one year as an opposition MPP. Now imagine what I can do with four years in a majority government.


  1. I don’t normally comment on these posts but I really would like to be heard here. I am disappointed this year with the elections but I have been in the past so not that noteworthy.
    My noteworthy piece is that I am a professional in the community that you and your party have not addressed and it saddens me as I as well as my colleagues help develop the youths of tomorrow.
    I love that you are looking at elderly care and hospital care and resources to benefit our health care but teachers need to be listened too and our concerns should be addressed.
    I love that you have knocked on the doors and talked about addressing the concerns of the people in Sault Ste. Marie. I would like you to also represent my colleagues and I.
    Either way, best of luck to all parties. Those that responded to our questions and show interest in supporting the children we teach will likely get my attention.

  2. The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. The NDP has already created a well-developed plan with clear objectives with real benefits for Ontarians that would be put in place with co-ordination with local chambers and educational institutions.

    Elected representatives must vote for the policies of the leader of their party -in Romano’s case- Ford or they are thrown out of the party. Where is the Conservative platform?

    The Conservatives have stated they will cut 6 billion dollars from the budget. They have yet to tell us which front-line workers are going to lose their jobs.

    • Ford has to make cuts and by not producing a budget for us to look at,,,,he is hiding the fact that HE WILL CUT DEEPLY. It will not be his first lie.

  3. Just took another peek at Mr Romano’s picture attached to this letter.
    I’ve heard more than once that experts who examine body language, have concluded that crossing your arms means you are unapproachable, closed off and not open to conversation.
    Apparently, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  4. Yes, Ross. Shackling the next generation to yet another form of unstable industry (with further threat to our air & water quality) will be super helpful.

    He purports to be approachable and receptive to the concerns of the citizens of the Sault, but so far he has proven that he only extends this courtesy to those who align with his interests. I wonder if his constituency assistant, William McPhee, ever “passed my concerns along” as he said he had in an email sent months ago.

  5. FORD is your biggest obstacle. You guys should never have thrown Brown under the bus without hearing his side of the story. You may pay a big price at the polls.

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