Sheehan Announces Increase in Canada Child Benefit


Helping hard-working families provide the best start in life for their children is a top priority for the Government of Canada. That’s why two years ago, the government launched the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) to help families with the high cost of raising kids.

The CCB – which is targeted to middle class families and those working hard to join it – is simpler, tax‑free and more generous than previous child benefit programs.

Today at the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, Terry Sheehan, Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie, announced that starting on July 20, 2018, the benefit will be raised to keep up with the cost of living. This change comes two years ahead of schedule, as was announced in the 2018 Federal Budget, and will give Canadian parents even more money each month to help them provide for their children.

Indexing the CCB sooner will ensure that it will continue to play a vital role in supporting Canadian families and reducing child poverty. This means that the CCB, for the 2018-19 benefit year, will now have a maximum annual benefit of $6,496 per child under age 6 and $5,481 per child age 6 through 17.

As an example, for a single parent with $35,000 of income with two children, the accelerated indexation of the CCB will contribute $560 towards the costs of raising his or her children, for the 2019-20 benefit year. For this parent, this means up to $12,992 in support every year.

Thanks to the CCB, 9 out of 10 Canadian families have more money. These families have received almost $2,300 more on average per year than under the programs the CCB replaced. Since July 2016, the CCB has given over $23 billion dollars each year to Canadian families to help pay for things like sports programs, music lessons and back-to-school clothes. And even more importantly, because of the CCB, more than half a million people—including 300,000 children—are being lifted out of poverty.



  1. The government’s idea of an increase is a joke. But i guess anything helps. Id like to see them live on what we do a month. Im lucky if i can treat my kids. Vacation whats that. Its to help us think again. They in increase ccb how about raising the childs disability one. Thats even a joke. Its the same no matter what your childs disability is. Our government really have not thought about what helps with the cost of things.

  2. When I was young my parents received a cheque from the government. Baby bonus they called it. I’ve been a parent for 15 years and have received a cheque from the government. They’ve increased that amount in recent years but have also taken things away. For example you no longer have the option to claim having children on income tax or like people have said, claiming sports and programs. I feel that the people who dont understand the process of this change has just not been in the process of seeing it change. From what I remember from when my parents stopped getting a cheque for me when I turned 18 twenty years ago and their income at the time, the increase isnt that far off of normal inflation in min wage and income now. People are so quick to judge without stopping to think.

  3. How much can you get with the huge increase in the benefit? Kids that are over 6 require a lot too even more than the ones under 6. Has any one bought a 8 year old a top and a pair of pants. Not cheap.

  4. W0W… more Cash handouts, lets keep taxing the few who work to support a governments vote for us agenda.
    How about upping the poor retirees on CCP & OAS receiving less in a year then some of these moms receive for child benefits.

  5. To that RN Your comment towards is ignorant and Insulting. I am a single father with triplets whom chose to stay home until my children start school. I am on assistance and after my rent is paid I am left with 340$ to buy groceries for myself and said triplets. You may want to do your research before stating that we make more then you do as a RN working 13 hour shifts.

  6. TERRY…there are a lot of seniors that VOTE. It is about time we were given a little something. We worked hard all our lives…paid our way for EVERYTHING. It would be nice to be considered just once.

  7. You people whining about it do realize that parents (many of whom are hard working) are using this money to help fund educations and extra curricular activities that we would not otherwise be able to do. Some people actually do have multiple children because they have a lot of love to offer. Calling them breeders is ignorant and insulting. What may seem like more money at first is not. We no longer can claim sports or arts on our tax returns for a bigger tax deduction, which for many families who seem to have a decent income on paper lose out when the tax man reaches his hand out.

    • Since when is it the Tax payers Duty to Fund Your Education or SPORTS. This is another of the ideology’s too many people have about what Government is Suppose to Do. People live beyond there means, then expect everyone else to support there wants.

  8. I’m an RN make decent money by no means am I rich. I work 13 hour shifts away from my children to provide for them.. at times i contemplate going in assistance. People on assistance seem to make more money then I all while getting to sit at home on their butts enjoying their children. And I kid you not I’m sure being on assistance pays better however I’m pathing the road to the future for my children. I want to show them you work your ass off for what you want . I don’t want them to think that the government will pay your way thru life and by that I mean my hard earned tax money.

    • Your comment towards is ignorant and Insulting. I am a single father with triplets whom chose to stay home until my children start school. I am on assistance and after my rent is paid I am left with 340$ to buy groceries for myself and said triplets. You may want to do your research before stating that we make more then you do as a RN working 13 hour shifts.

    • Lady you have some ignorance saying us people who are on assistance sit on our asses all day and do nothing.those are some fighting words.your going to open your mouth to the wrong person saying those things and get your ass you know what it is like to take care of a child with special needs. It’s a 24/7 barely have 5 mins to yourself. I have worked my ass off all my life up until now.if you said that to my face you would be down in a heartbeat.

    • It seems as though the govt just wants to abolish middle class and make us all “equally poor”- it’s like those participation awards. There are winners and loosers for a reason. If you work hard and strive for more…well, too bad because the govt wants to act like a gym teacher and take any Wins you have, and share them with everyone

    • Something else however- those middle class folk working haaarddd for their money also appreciate it far more, and tend to live within their means. Everyone I know of on welfare however, has either debt to their eyeballs while watching tv, plus netflix, cell phones, car payments etc….instead of living simply, the way it is intended for- food and a roof. Not that new iphone.

  9. Some People need to learn some respect and manners on here. Like wow just astonishing. Judging other people for the fact they can or cannot Make a proper living like who are you to judge?? Get off your high horses then if you think you know oh so much, and help them out or try to spend a day in the life of their shoes and see how well you do or do not manage, guaranteed most of you will fall flat on your own asses!! Kudos to those who end up pulling it off.

  10. W0W… More cash to pop out another KID………….. When is this government going to concern themselves about the poverty levels of the Seniors trying to live on the Measly CCP & OAS payments. Living on less then $19,000 a year…… But pop out a kid and W0W payday again !!

  11. Unfortunately, if you are using one government payment, for example, Welfare, keep in mind that you don’t pay taxes on welfare, so want to about care, I make the required tax bracket, at the end of the year I do not see GST rebate, an I saw Maybe 40 dollars a month for my daughter while she was under 18. So don’t sit there and complain that another government agency want to take a small 1 percent of some tax dollars pay into. And this statement is not for all the ones that are trying to work.

  12. It’s time to review all social programs.
    Social assistance shouldn’t be a lifestyle, but the benefits shouldn’t fall short in providing housing and living expenses for a month, as is the case now.

  13. You wanna tell welfare that this money is not theirs to have their hands on? They take 1% from each child’s pay cheque. How does that help the family. Odsp doesn’t take ANY money. Welfare should have their hands wrapped for that theft!! But they are a government so no one will punish them. Noooo, why would they do that, only if you steal from the government will there be a consequence!! How unfair!! Not to mention disgusting!

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