Sheehan Discusses Tariffs with Stakeholders


MP Terry Sheehan was asked to take part in a urgent meeting called by the Standing Committee on International Trade. The meeting was called to discuss the impact of tariffs on Canadian businesses, Companies and workers.

Sheehan was invited to participate in the meeting because of his familiarity of the topic and his knowledge and experience on this file.

“These unjust tariffs by the United States government will not be tolerated by Canada.  Our government has prioritized this issue, it is my priority and I will continue to stand up for our steel industry for as long as it takes.” says Sheehan.

Sheehan says today’s  meeting garnered valuable information from diverse stakeholder witnesses. Sheehan was able to ask questions and receive input from labour groups, including Canadian Labour Congress and the United Steelworkers, from manufacturing and producers, including Canadian Steel Producers Association, Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.

“Hearing directly from people on the ground in these industries, on how Canada can support their businesses and their workers was exceptionally helpful and informative.”  said Sheehan.

The committee witnesses expressed their support for the Canadian government’s retaliatory tariff measures and support action to continue working for improvements to the North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization.




  1. I think Canada is afraid of Trump. Its time for big time retaliation. Show this babbling buffoon that we mean business. GE GET EM TERRY.

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