Students call for resignation of principal who complied list of black students


TORONTO — Students from a Toronto school are calling for the resignation of a principal who created a list of black students to track their performance.

Peggy Aitchison, the principal at the Etobicoke School of the Arts, has said she compiled the list and circulated it among teachers in an attempt to categorize students with opportunity gaps and has acknowledged that it was an “inappropriate approach.”

She asked for a transfer to a different school in a public letter sent this week — a request the Toronto District School Board has approved.

The board has apologized for Aitchison’s actions, calling what she did a “mistake.”

Marlee Sansom, a Grade 12 student, says transferring Aitchison to a different school isn’t enough and called for the principal to face tougher consequences.

Noah Brown, another Grade 12 student, says Aitchison’s list is insensitive and an indication she should no longer be an educator.

Alumni from the school have sent a petition to the board calling for Aitchison to either resign or undergo equity and anti-racism training.

Aitchison did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Canadian Press