The Picnic Society: Utilizing Our City’s Beautiful Public Spaces


ONNtv had special guests Katie Blunt and Michael Burtch in the studio this weekend, who shared a little bit of information about the Picnic Society, which is in its 2nd year.

Katie Blunt and Tori Prouse started the Picnic Society last summer, and it was such a success that Blunt decided to take it on again.

When asked the inspiration behind bringing this kind of project to the Sault, she told Superior Media “I’d lived in other cities and so had Tori, and they really use their public spaces and green spaces in the city. You always see people out and having lunch in the park and other spots. And I said, why don’t people do that here? We have so many beautiful locations in the Sault and historic buildings. So I wanted to bring that here.”

The Picnic Society welcomes you to join them for lunch, whether you bring your own or you want to choose from one of the delicious and local options that they have set up with downtown cafes and restaurants for a reasonable price.

Check out the Picnic Society here, or visit them down at the Courthouse lawn from 12pm-1pm on Wednesdays (Thursdays if it rains!)


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