Towing – How to do it safely and lawfully!


Sonny Spina and the Sault Ste. Marie Police are reminding people to be aware on how to tow properly.

As the city had made complaints to the police concerning people towing what appeared to be oversized loads, the police knew it was necessary to take action when it comes to safety.

After new training on how to understand if a load is too heavy, they came back ready with new knowledge they want to share with the public.

If your vehicle, or vehicle and trailer exceeds 4500kgs, you will need an annual inspection sticker. These stickers insure that the vehicle is safe for the road and as well as towing and most mechanics and dealerships will be able to perform the inspection. The information of the weight of the vehicle can be found on the inside of driver side doors so you are able to check out for yourself if an inspection will be needed, unless your trailer would exceed the 4500kg limit.

If your trailer is considered a “recreational use” trailer, being an RV or overhead camper, this is exempt from the weight limit. Any trailer with at least 50% of it being used as living space, these are also exempt. For full information, the video from Constable Sonny Spina is available below.

Once again, this is done to ensure road safety of everyone.

***VIDEO MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION STICKERS***Do you have Questions about Motor Vehicle Inspection Stickers? Watch this VIDEO to learn more.

Posted by Sault Ste. Marie Police Service on Wednesday, May 30, 2018



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