Trudeau says U.S. steel, tariffs on national security grounds are insulting


OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it is “insulting” that President Donald Trump says Canada’s steel industry poses a national security risk to the United States.

Speaking on NBC’s Sunday morning news show Meet the Press, Trudeau says he wants to make sure Americans, and more specifically Trump supporters, hear the message that they are going to feel financial strain and pain from the steel tariffs Trump imposed on Canada last week.

Trudeau says he doesn’t know what Trump wants from Canada in order to eliminate the tariffs, but that it is insulting and unacceptable to tell Canadian soldiers who fought alongside Americans for decades that Canada poses any sort of security threat to the U.S.

He says the United States has a $2 billion surplus on steel trade with Canada and both countries are on the same page when it comes to addressing oversupply of steel coming from China.

Trudeau is to meet with Trump next week if the president attends the G7 leaders summit in Quebec as expected, and the prime minister says his message will be that Canada is polite but not a punching bag for the president.

Trudeau says when it comes to the North American Free Trade Agreement talks the five-year sunset clause the Americans are demanding remains a non-starter for Canada and says the whole point of Trump demanding it is to ensure investors don’t see Canada or Mexico as good long-term investments.


The Canadian Press


  1. Trump is simply trying to ensure the USA has a commercial steel and aluminum industry unlike Trudeau’s father nationalizing the Canadian oil industry in the name of “Protecting a National Resource”. Similar excuses but 180 degree difference in approach.

    • LOL……Do you mean YOU’RE.
      You have to love people like you that are so stupid when they try to insult someone they just make a fool of themselves. It’s obvious you are uneducated by YOUR response.
      I presented a realistic rebuttal and a rational response to all the knee jerk reactions here?
      People like you are how people like Trudeau get elected.

      Then I guess I’m an insult as you are a troll.

  2. I am no fan of Trump but people need to stop blaming Trump and blame Trudeau. Trump ran on a platform to increase the US economy and jobs. His job and duty is to take care of America. Trudeau’s job is to take care of Canada. Instead he is travelling and out of the country and abroad giving Canadians hard earned money away to pad his own narcissistic image instead of staying in Canada and addressing the needs of Canadians jobs, interests and welfare. If we had a Prime Minister as dedicated to ensuring Canadians have jobs and a booming economy as Trump is doing as US President we probably wouldn’t be in this mess. Trudeau is funding protest groups that are fighting the pipeline he just bought with Our Money. His ineptitude is the problem. I have no problem with people being mad…..But know the facts and direct your anger at the right people.

  3. It’s not Canadian steel that’s the security threat……it’s the fact that they’re losing US steel makers………..leaving their military dependent on OTHER NATIONS for it’s armourment. THAT is the security risk. Not that I agree with the Tariffs, just trying to explain the situation for those who don’t get it. Before you get all anti Trump……he wasn’t the one who put the tariffs on Canada’s Soft wood lumber products, pretty much destroying the whole industry in Ontario.

  4. Well I’m glad there is a tariff on imported steel finally time to get all steel mills and iron ore mines back up and running and we provide for ourselves thank you president Trump is miners thank you.

    • Yvonne Boucher nope no paying for a thing that’s why we elected president trump,our good paying jobs are finally coming back and the economy is rolling and picking up speed,I feel bad for my Canadian friends being stuck with that wimpy pot supporting Prime minister that your stuck with.

  5. Trumps face is an insult! Trump was an insult to his mama, the day he was born.
    Trumps been a constant insult since the day he was conceived. It’s okay though, because now that he’s picked a fight with Canada, we’re going to slap tariffs on everything they buy from us now. Say goodbye to cheap oil, water, electricity, Lumber and so much more U.S. of A!

  6. It has been nearly a year that Trump announced a review of Free Trade Agreement. Where was P.M. Trudeau all year? Gallivanting all over the world dressing up rather than talking Leader to Leader on this issue. While I think the trade issue between US and Canada is fair, it appears that the Canadian Trade Minister poo-poo’d this issue and look where we are now?

  7. Now trudeau has announced that he is giving 3 provinces,including Ontario, 50 million taxpayer dollars to help with the costs associated with the influx of ILLEGAL immigrants from the USA. What utter nonsense. Anyone wanting to come to Canada should apply like anyone else.

  8. excellent point about the sunset clause, they shouldnt be trying to bolster themselves at the expense of allies.

  9. I would like to have a prime minister that looks out for Canada the way Trump looks out for America..instead of this idiot that is only efficient in giving away as much money as he possibly can

    • Trudope is a national security risk… Open borders to terrorists, ISS fighters, bombings in GTA, Stattford fair shut down cause bomb threats, payin $10 milloin to a known terrorist & this idiot is charged for sexual assult 3 months later, I could go on & on but Trudope should just “bow out” & go. He doesnt have a clue how to run anything. Without his staff, nannies, grounds people, maids, chefs he wouldnt even know how to run his own dam house hold, never mind a country!

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