Update on Fire Call to Main Filter & Supply Company – Carelessly Tossed Cigarette To Blame.

Sault Fire

An acrid smoke was billowing out of a large warehouse for Main Filter & Supply Ltd on Industrial Park Cresc. yesterday evening.

4 crews from Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services responded quickly to the fire scene. Superior Media spoke with Platoon Chief, Damon Ferris, this afternoon – who shared that the fire started due to a lit cigarette being tossed into a bucket/pail where other garbage was also present.

The Park Grille was evacuated due to acrid smoke billowing into restaurant from adjacent warehouse on Industrial Park Cresc. June 11,2018 (photo by Lynne Brown)

The adjacent restaurant – The Park Grille – was evacuated around 6:00 pm yesterday due to smoke filling up the local eatery. The fire alarm had also been triggered inside the restaurant.

An Algoma Public Health Inspector was dispatched to the restaurant  early today to determine if the air quality in the building was negatively impacted by the smoke from the warehouse.

Saultonline is pleased to share that The Park Grille opened for business earlier today.

According to the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, cigarettes, matches and lighters are the leading cause of fire injuries and fire fatalities and are the 4th leading cause of preventable home fires in Ontario.

The most fatal type of residential fire originates in a living area, during night time hours involving smoking materials igniting upholstered furniture. According to statistics on recent fires, children are particularly at risk. Most of the fatal fires where children were victims is due to smoke as those same children were sound asleep, unattended or too young to act.

Butt Out – Completely Out.


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