Wayne Millard died immediately after being shot at close range: pathologist


TORONTO — A forensic pathologist testifying at a Toronto murder trial says an aviation executive whose death was initially ruled a suicide died immediately after being shot in the face at close range.

Dr. Jayantha Herath says a bullet went through Wayne Millard’s left eye, travelled at an angle and ended up lodged in the right side of the brain above the ear. Dellen Millard, 32, who has previously been convicted of two murders, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in his 71-year-old father’s death. Herath says he performed an autopsy on Wayne Millard on Dec. 1, 2012, two days after his death.

He says the elder Millard’s eye was likely closed at the time and the muzzle of the gun was either touching the eye or within one centimetre when the gun went off.

Herath said no one could survive such an injury.

“He would die immediately within seconds,” Herath told court.

Herath showed court graphic images from his autopsy of Wayne Millard’s body. The judge warned the court beforehand and one woman left after a photograph of the destroyed eye was displayed.

Court has heard that the younger Millard called his father a failure and blamed him for the family company’s financial woes shortly before his death.

The trial has heard that Dellen Millard bought the handgun found beside his father’s body from a weapons dealer months earlier. The younger Millard told police he found his father dead in bed around 6 p.m. on Nov. 29, 2012 at the home the two shared in Toronto’s west end.

He told police he last saw his father alive around 12 p.m. the day before.

Court documents show Millard’s DNA was found on the handle of the gun.

Liam Casey, The Canadian Press