What’s the future of Malls and Plazas in Sault Ste. Marie?


With the announcement yesterday that Rio Can is looking at selling all of their properties in Sault Ste. Marie, including the Cambrian Mall, The Pine Plaza and the Churchill Plaza. RioCan  follows Algoma Central Properties who is waiting for a development plan for the former Sears location before putting the Station Mall back up for sale.

So what is the future of retail stores in Sault Ste. Marie? Will the Sault soon have closed malls and plazas  all over the city? Why are large development companies pulling out of the Sault and who would sink over $500 million to buy their properties?

ONNtv’s Riley Smith sat down with the Station Mall’s former manager to get some insight into what’s troubling the retail sector in this are.


  1. While I applaud the dreamers posting of wishes of Costco and Giant Tiger, let’s get real. When Walmart wanted in, the city made them jump through hoops. Then refused Home Depot parking lot to be joined by Walmart. And refused them to sell food at first. When Montana’s was coming at first, again they were given a difficult time cause another businessman didn’t want the competition. The Soo has a reputation of being closed to outsiders and protect local at all cost. Remember when the city turned away Toyota plant? Or blocked Mac’s ( Then Mike’s Milk) from selling milk cause Beatrice didn’t want competition? The ONLY way we can attract more jobs is to prove we are willing to change.

  2. Another recreational centre? Based for a few different age groups? Would probably bring some extra currency into the mall with people spending before or after events… Maybe keep teens and the middle age population busy as well.

  3. The sad thing is that a lot of people are shopping online and more stores are closing and that means people are losing jobs . So when there are no more malls or stores to shop in that’s when people will start complaining that they can’t go into a store to buy something. Buying from stores in your community keeps revenue in that community and helps keep jobs so remember that next time you decide to shop online .

  4. As for Sudbury :

    Update : Bed Bath & Beyond (or new a grocery store) is coming to Sudbury ! The old Sears Home (across from Home Depot) will become a new Winners with Home Sense (in spring 2019) and the current Winners will be a new business !
    I just spoke with management there- to be confirmed they said

    Sears in the mall is still vacant and nothing is going in yet according to mall management.

    And Urban Trampoline Park is hoping to open its doors in October or November 2018. (Old Canadian Tire)

  5. Welcome to the age of online shopping. Nobody wants to go to the mall anymore when anything you could possibly want is at your fingertips, delivered to your door and for a hell of a lot cheaper!!!

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