Where the leaders are for Saturday, June 2


Where the leaders of Ontario’s main political parties are campaigning on Saturday, June 2:


Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne

11 a.m. — Holds a media availability, École élémentaire Jeanne-Lajoie, 150 Carnforth Rd., Toronto.

2 p.m. — Visits Dundas West Fest, Landsdowne Ave. & Dundas St. W, Toronto.


Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford

9 a.m. — Attends a breakfast meet and greet, Lisa MacLeod’s campaign office, 3050 Woodroffe Ave., Nepean, Ont.

11 a.m. — Makes an announcement and holds a candidate roundtable, Centurion Conference and Event Center, 170 Colonnade Rd., Nepean, Ont.

6 p.m. — Holds a rally, Centurion Conference and Event Center, 170 Colonnade Rd., Nepean, Ont.


NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

9:45 a.m. — Makes an announcement, 861 The Greenway, Mississauga, Ont.

2 p.m. — Holds a campaign event, Dreams of Beans Cafe, 138 Hunter St. W, Peterborough, Ont.

2:30 p.m. — Attends an event, Taste of Downtown Peterborough, Charlotte St., Peterborough, Ont.

4 p.m — Holds a campaign event, Rotary Park, 192 Queen St., Bowmanville, Ont.


The Canadian Press


  1. Today’s News Flash: A vote for the ndp is a vote for a liberal/ndp coalition. That’s right folks. You would be voting to keep wynne’s disastrous liberals, in power, if you vote ndp. Together, for 4 long disastrous years…………….Look what 3 green seats have done to the province of British Columbia. Green/ndp have cost Canadians BILLIONS because of the green/ndp coalition. Ontario is next, if you vote ndp.
    This week end’s buzz word is: “COALITION”, COALITION, coalition, COALITION, libs & ndp coalition, they will form a coalition, yes folks, these 2 will form a coalition. Get used to it – 4 more years of liberal rule under a liberal/ndp collusion. 4 more long years of wind mills, costly energy bills, much more free stuff, that you will pay for. More $15,000 cheques to rich people buying $100,000 electric vehicles. More wind mills with 20 year contracts to liberal insiders and soon, ndp insiders. Folks, a COALITION of the libs and ndp is going to be in place, shortly after June 7. Get used to it, if you vote liberal or ndp. Think about it before you cast your vote. Please ………………….

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