You Can Help Habitat for Humanity Raise Money for New Builds

Everyone needs help from time to time. But, where do you turn when you’re a low-income family who can’t afford a home?
Habitat for Humanity is an organization that helps build and rehabilitate safe, decent and affordable homes, including single-family and multi-unit houses, for low-income families in communities across the world. It has been operating in Canada since 1985, and in Sault Ste. Marie since 2002. The ReStore was opened in 2006.
Locally, Habitat for Humanity,  in partnership with local families, has built nine homes so far. And they have plans (and land) to build homes 10 and 11 this summer.
To help raise money for this, Habitat will be holding their annual Summer Sale. This event will take place June 16 from 9a.m. – 5 p.m. Everything will be 50% off, including blue sticker (brand new) items, a BBQ, Father’s Day crafts, and a bake sale.
Although they’ve done similar events in the past, Pauline Pennet, office and volunteer administrator at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, said this one is one-of-a-kind.
“It’s an annual thing that we do, but we’ve moved it up in time and we’re also incorporating it with the (Huts for Homes) draw and scaling down some of the children’s activities.”
Pennet said in the almost-year she’s worked for Habitat, she’s seen good turnouts at events like this.
Assistant manager Ben Whalen said, along with the events, the ReStore is also an important piece of the puzzle as it helps raise money for new builds in the Sault.
“(The ReStore) allows us to generate profits to build our homes,” he said. “And a lot of stuff that we take in saves it from going to the dump. Approximately every $1 the ReStore makes saves 1.3 pounds of stuff going to the dump.”
Interested in dropping some unwanted items off at the ReStore? Here’s what they’ll take, according to Whalen.
“We’ll take a look at everything is the best thing we like to say. We take couches – in good conditions, chairs, furniture like that. Most wooden stuff, even if it’s in slightly used or damaged condition, because a lot of people like to refurbish that, and, of course, most brand new items.”
All proceeds for the Huts For Homes draw are going towards the builds of the two new houses this summer. Tickets are $10 each or three for $25 and can be purchased at The ReStore, Exit Reality or Heritage Home Hardware Building Centre.