66 Outstanding Resolutions Concerns Council Candidate.


Superior Media received the following media release from Winona Hutchinson – Ward 3 Candidate.

Winona Hutchinson Responds to Call for Feedback.

On July 27th the City of Sault Ste Marie’s Newsroom issued a statement requesting feedback from local businesses on their development experiences.

This is absolutely needed and important that they want to hear from the resident businesses.

But there is a deeper concern for me, and by their own admission this was a Resolution that was tabled and passed in November of 2017.

This leads me to some questions:

1)    Why has this taken so long, (8 months) is this nothing more than an election ploy?

2)    How many other Resolutions are left outstanding at this time?

3)    IF there are more, for how long and why?

I can address a couple of these questions on my own.

I contacted the City Clerks office and requested a list of all outstanding Resolutions and what I received is concerning.

There are currently 66 outstanding Resolutions at the end of this term as compared to roughly 25 as of February 23, 2015, and more surprising is that they all have a Due Date of Q3 2018.

How can 63 current council resolutions out of 66 have the same due date at the end of this term?  How can anything possibly get done if 63 resolutions and their reports are to be dealt with at the same time?

Just how bad is it?  Here is the surface of the problem.

Of the 66 outstanding Resolutions only 3 are left over from the previous term of incumbents – 3!.

Therefore, 63 outstanding Resolutions owned by the current council, 35 of which are owned by Mr. Shoemaker, and 2 of the 4 owned by Ms. Hupponen are owned jointly with Mr. Shoemaker.

The oldest outstanding Resolution is owned by Mr. Turco jointly with Mr. Sheehan which has remained outstanding since November 19, 2012 which was to report on film and television production in Sault Ste Marie.

Unfortunately this is not the only case as Mr. Sheehan’s resolution seconded by Ms. Hupponen which is to report on a strategy to improve crowdfunding opportunities, has been sitting on the books since February 9, 2015.

As with Mr. Sheehan, Mr. Romano has two outstanding resolutions that he seconded for Mr. Shoemaker that have been sitting on the books since Mar 9, 2015 and April 13, 2015 respectively.  These two are:  Destiny Sault Ste Marie and to undertake actions identified in March 9, 2015 and report to determine viability of True Growth Proposal and report as to the feasibility of requiring criminal record checks for persons appointed or nominated to boards and committee.

Why has the current council left these outstanding resolutions so long to be dealt with and why hasn’t  Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Romano’s resolutions been revisited upon their departure to ensure completion?

We must not forget about another aged outstanding resolution jointly owned by Mr. Christian and Mr. Butland since February 4, 2013 which was to be a preliminary study on possible development of an international marketplace on or near the waterfront in proximity to the downtown core. (Sounds like secret shopper material to me).

This is a combined breakdown of communication and inefficient time management of all the council and its leadership to the resolutions that are being presented at City Council.

How can the current council tout that they are transparent and accountable when their due dates are unmeasurable or unrealistic.  The completion of the resolutions are more important than the mere passing of a resolution.

There may be a very valid reason to all of this and I am open to hear it. Otherwise I am left with one word that precedes all my questions……why?




  1. Pull a Doug Ford. Cut council size in half, save some tax dollars, and watch outstanding stupid political-ploy resolutions drop dramatically. Maybe then, some good can actually be performed by City Hall…FOCUS on what is important, instead of desperately throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks…

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