A lovely Afternoon. Adcocks’ Woodland Gardens Annual Tea and Garden Tour.

Adcocks' Woodland Gardens
Adcocks' Woodland Gardens - Sanctuary - Stewardship - Special Place.

If you have ever been to Adcocks’ Woodland Gardens on St. Joseph Island, you are already aware of the splendor that greets you upon arrival. A person is transported into a space in the world where stewardship of the land is alive and well.

If you have always wanted to go to Adcocks’ Woodland Gardens, tomorrow, Thursday, July 19th, is the perfect reason for a road trip to St. Joseph Island.

“My dad started the gardens when he was about 65 years old – shortly after he retired – along with my mom Eleanor.”  shared Grant Woodcock in a telephone interview with Superior Media. “The property is about 4 – 5 acres.”

Eleanor and Russell Adcock (both now deceased), along with their son Grant began designing the woodland gardens in 1985. The gardens opened to the public in 1986.

“At that time, it was really quite rustic.” shared Grant Adcock. “Over the years, with the help of the St. Joseph Island Horticultural Society, we have really grown.”

Swallowtail Moth on orange Azaleas. photo courtesy Adcocks’ Woodland Gardens.

Adcocks’ Woodland Gardens is a true sanctuary where 100’s of varieties of flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs bloom throughout the spring and summer.  It’s a place where birds, bees, butterflies, frogs, turtles and other woodland creatures can find refuge.

“For the most part, it is accessible for people who use wheelchairs or walkers to get around. There is a bit on an incline from the parking lot to the gardens.” said Grant.

There are a number of pathways to follow, benches to rest upon, and foot bridges to discover.

“The water lilies are in full bloom right now.” said Grant. “It’s been a pretty hot month and that can shorten the bloom time for some of our perennials.”

One of the many resident creatures. photo courtesy Adcocks’ Woodland Gardens.

On Thursday, July 19th, the St. Joseph Island Horticultural Society will host the Annual Garden Tea and Tour at Adcocks’ Woodland Gardens from 2 – 4 pm.

Admission is by donation, with proceeds going to the horticultural society.

Adcock Woodland Gardens is open to the public from May to September each year.

The St Joseph Horticultural Society, founded in 1974,  plants and maintains public gardens on  St Joseph Island, including a memorial garden in Richards Landing.

For more info call Carol Smith, St. Joseph Island Horticultural Society at 705-246-3942.

Follow highway 548 W. –   Adcocks’ Woodland Gardens is located at 4757 5th Side Road on St. Joseph Island.