A Message From the M.S Norgoma and the St. Mary’s River Heritage Centre


The M.S Norgoma and the St. Mary’s River Heritage Centre would like to thank the public for their overwhelming support this Canada Day and Independence Day.

The M.S Norgoma received over 500 visitors on Canada Day and over 90 people came out to watch the fireworks from the decks later that night. On Independence Day, we received another 50 visitors, and 50 more people for the fireworks that evening. Images from both nights can be seen on our social media pages.

The M.S Norgoma would like to remind the public that we are open daily from 11am-7pm from June-September for tours. We hope to see more and more residents and tourists aboard this season, and look forward to showcasing all the improvements we have been making to our vessel.

The Museum Ship Norgoma is owned and operated by the St. Mary’s River Marine Heritage Centre, a non-profit charitable organization, tasked with telling the story of the St. Mary’s designated Heritage River on the historic Norgoma ship. For more information, please visit the website here.


  1. So when is it leaving? Seems this needs to happen soon. Opens up a space on your waterfront. An open space. Sterile. Devoid of life. Like one of those dark parts of the ocean that lack oxygen. Peaceful. Dead.

    You can always go over to the American Soo and gather around that vibrant, interesting waterfront.

    As your city slowly fades.

    Back into the wilderness.

  2. Yes, what gives with the tired old bathtub?
    If it wasn’t for all the lead based paint it could be sunk in Superior for divers and marine life to make use of.
    Sounds like someone has saved it, at least temporarily, again.

    • The City couldn’t sell what’s not theirs 😉 so the Norgoma is staying here in good old Sault Ste. Marie.

  3. June thru September?
    Last I heard this boat was going to be removed from the marina in August and relocated or scrapped.
    What has changed?

    • Hey Cole the museum is still to be moved from the marina at the end of the operating season, we are currently working on securing a new home for it for the years to come.

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