A visit with the Sault’s RC Car Club


On July 5th, 2018, I had the pleasure of visiting 129 Spruce Street, Willcox Park, the hangout for the Sault RC Car Club. Welcomed with open arms by track manager Evan Punch and other members of the club, members were happy to show me their cars, try them out, and take the time to explain why exactly it is what they love to do.

The former tennis court on Spruce street has been transformed into the perfect track for RC car enthusiasts. Tight maneuvers through turns, ramps that sent the cars soaring, all with the full track taking up the entirety of the court!

The members built the track with their hands and unwavering passion for the hobby they enjoy, as the track is hand painted and even the ramps were hand constructed.

July 5th happened to fall on a Thursday, where they hold open meets for members as well as for the public, with a few cars that can be used by anyone, even the newbies like myself (Although if you watch the video in its entirety you will see I wasn’t as skilled as the regulars)!.

As someone who hasn’t played with RC cars for quite some time, I can’t say I found myself with anything besides a big smile on my face as I raced around the track that 9 year old me would’ve drooled over. The RC club here in the Sault is definitely a place to check out, whether your 2 or 92. The full video is above and I encourage you to take a look, as the track is something President of the Sault RC Car Club, Marty, should take a huge amount of pride in.