Be Vigilant. Rash of Thefts Reported to Sault Police

police conference
Sonny Spina SSMPS

In the last 24 hours officers with The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service have responded to 6 calls for service regarding thefts from individuals in the central and west end of the city.

In each of the cases 2 unknown females approached elderly people while an unknown male stayed in a vehicle that they were driving.  The females engaged the victims in conversation and advised that they were from out of town.  The two females attempted to sell various pieces of costume jewelry to the victims and also gave the victims a hug.  In some cases the suspects attempted to put pieces of the jewelry onto the victims while they were talking.

A short time later the suspects left and the victims realized that their own jewelry had been removed from their bodies and in some cases their wallets removed from their pockets.

The suspects were observed driving small black/blue car and the females were described as approximately 35-40 years of age and were of Eastern descent.  The male suspect stayed in the car and did not engage with the victims.

It is often very easy for a person to become distracted during a conversation and it only takes a moment to have valuables taken.  We ask everyone to be cautious and keep an eye out for one another.  Anyone with information about these occurrences is asked to contact The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service.




  1. len is stupid, like an elderly person would even be able to use a tazer or mace.

    if someone comes up to you trying to sell you things. tell them to take a hike… silly old people

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