Break in Heat and Humidity Expected Monday


If you’re not a fan of hot sticky summer weather, you will be happy to know a change in weather patterns will kick off Monday afternoon.

That’s when a southerly flow of air is replaced with a northern one,  bringing in drier and cool , more refreshing air.

Sault Ste. Marie has seen multiple days above 30c this July but a change of weather patterns beginning Monday will cool things down for a day or two thanks to weakening cold front. Temperatures this week  are expected to be at normal levels for this time of year, traditionally in the low to mid 20’s.

Though hot and sticky the entire weekend we didn’t break any heat records. Saturday’s high reached 30.4 c while the hottest July 14th on record was in 1983 reaching a high of 32.9c  Sunday’s high is expected not to break any record either. That was set in 2006 for this date at 32.9c. Sault Ste. Marie came close though, the high reached at 5pm was 31.4 according to Environment Canada.

Winds shift from the south to the north west following the passage of the cold front. The front may kick off a few showers or thunderstorms , but no severe weather is expected. There will be a refreshing Northerly breeze gusting to 40km/h beginning Monday afternoon.

Temperatures settle into the mid to low 20’s for the rest of the week heading into the Rotaryfest and Downtown Street party being held Thursday evening.You may want to bring an umbrella to the Community Day Parade on Saturday. Currently a 60 percent chance of rain for Saturday’s parade is in the forecast.


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