Emergency Rescue at Power Canal Updated


Three people were aboard a pleasure craft when fuel problems arose and they found themselves being pulled into the upper diversion channel at the power canal.

Edward Woodruff told Saultonline/ONNTv that he just purchased the boat in Wisconsin. Woodruff along with two passengers aboard the boat are from Detroit. They were on their way back to Detroit when they ran into problems.

Woodruff was in contact with the lock master when the vessel started to have fuel problems. They turned around and attempted to enter the lock again when the same problem arose.  Again the vessel was turned around this time however they realized they wouldn’t be able to get diesel fuel so attempted to turn again when the current from the power dam pulled them into the upper diversion channel.

Sault Fire Services were called to scene, however Woodruff was able to regain engine function to free the vessel.


Previous Report:

A pleasure craft is currently trapped in the power canal at the Sault Canada locks.

U.S. Coast guard along with Sault Fire Services Marine have been dispatched to the area.

No one has been hurt but the pleasure craft is stuck in the canal.



  1. 1st of all…glad everyone is ok.
    Am I missing something here….does anyone else NOT notice the yellow tag that is supposed to be on the windshield…you know…when towing something as heavy as that boat is…just saying

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