The Race For Mayor Is On!

5 / ONNtv has learned that Ted Johnston has now entered the race for Mayor.  Johnston filed his papers early Friday morning at the Clerk’s office at the Civic Centre.

For Johnston, this is his second time in the race for Mayor. ONNtv will have the first interview with the new candidate.


  1. Seriously the young people are the future. Nobody cares what happened in 1943 people care about the now and what is going to benefit our city going forward. Honestly your not getting my vote when you can’t even pour me a coffee without being miserable.

  2. He has my vote. We’ll see how many others want to see real change at city hall and have things done the way they should be instead of the backwards way that they are done now. They have bumbled so much on the city’s infrastructure alone, just look at the shape of the horribly neglected roads, for starters.

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