City Ready To Act On Downtown Proposals


Sault Ste. Marie’s downtown is set for a face-lift after council approved a few projects Monday night.

Council will act on just three of the 46 recommendations made by consultant Roger Brooks, who is known as a leader on Downtown development.

The three projects approved include  spending $40,000 on new movable planter boxes to replace trees that were removed last year due to disease.  The city will also put forth a call for proposals on a way-finding strategy that will help tourists and newcomers identify particular signage. Brooks made note that the signage used currently was ineffective and very poor.

The third project approved will be the development of an action plan in conjunction with the Community Development Roundtable’s Downtown Development Team, expected to cost $40,000 with the focus on building a stronger commercial base, creating more residential units and utilizing more community public space in the downtown area.

A study is also underway to determine options to convert the downtown’s one way traffic system to two way streets. Brooks recommended this in his report to the city and the downtown association in June.






  1. As LONG AS the city plans to promote commercial growth on the Great Northern road spur, We will continue to waste money on figuring out how to re invigorate the down town Core. Stop the northern growth and give business’s a reason to come back to downtown. This tax burden of a under utilized downtown business spur requires thinking outside the council chambers behind closed door self interest meetings.

  2. Everyone is an expert but no one has any ideas to bring forward and sit in their basement complaining. Go watch the roger brooks video. Nowhere in the world has one way streets like the soo. Its confusing for tourists. We need to get people in to downtown to spend money.

  3. “Council will act on just three of the 46 recommendations made by consultant Roger Brooks, who is known as a leader on Downtown development.”

    Wow seriously? Three just 3 why not all 46? it’s this kinda thinking that we need to get rid of come October 22nd!

  4. Watch the accidents go up on Queen if u want to change the one way seats….makes no sense…I’m downtown for work a fair amount and makes no sense to wasting money on a study or the time of city staff to change the traffic flow….how about work with the merchants and community more to give a reason for people to want to go downtown to shop, eat or recreate, otherwise it doesn’t matter what u do no one will go…..I applaud what has been done downtown so continue that first

    • Thinking the same thing..
      Look at all the accidents from taking a street light out.. Can you picture the confusion after it has been a one way street for many years…

  5. My message to city council is this. Have more pride in your decision making. I see my city and I’m constantly saying clean up what you have first. Why change what’s working. I have lived here all mylife you screwed up Queen street already there is a say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it why are you screwing up queen street again and again and again why don’t you why don’t you fix up what needs to be done like when you think about queen street you’re going to turn around and make all these plans but not thinking that these businesses are already old buildings and have no accessibility for drop off of deliveries they all block the street and nobody could get by and saw you cause problems. Get your city engineers involved in ideas that put the proposal for the people to vote on the city engineers live here Not anyone else.

  6. I have told the mayor to pull all downtown paid parking .Its how Sarnia livened up their downtown ( a twin city) .it worked well for them.That was free info and I never had a reply or action on the topic

    • City killed downtown when it removed most of the parking off Queen and planted trees and put in flower boxes. I say free parking for shopping and make up the difference by charging for parking at the Gardens for events like Greyhound games and concerts

    • Totally agree…! If anything, Queen Street should be reduced to one lane, one way traffic, with a bicycle lane. This would allow for a more ideal commerce and entertainment district for everyone…!

    • Barry Morris It’s a shopping and commerce district, not a drag strip…! The concept would fit in perfectly with an increase populace lifestyle for the downtown as per what the future plans are…!It’s exactly what this city needs unless your an old school type of visionnaire…!

  7. Ok it’s good to talk about it but why cost us 40 000 for people to tell us what to do..don’t we have council to do that..its called brainstorming people..ask public opinions..we have local engineers on the payroll no?……c’mon man what do we pay you councilors for than?..😡

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