Classic Cars, Bikes and Trucks at Maslack on Sunday


This past Sunday, Maslack Automotive and Industrial Supply located at 340 Great Northern Road hosted the third annual Sault Area Hospital Volunteer Association Classic Car and Bike Show.

The event, sponsored by Compass Imaging Group, United Floors, The Water Tower Inn, Northern Pottys/Septic, Prouse Motors, SK Group and Superior Customs/Detailing, saw all proceeds from the event heading straight back to the Sault Area hospital, to help with purchasing cardiac stenting equipment. Cardiac stenting is used to help blood flow to the heart by keeping the necessary arteries open.

Music performed by the band Flathead Ford (Definitely sticking with the right theme there!) was on hand to provide their renditions of rock songs from what they call “the golden era”. Flathead Ford plays music from Elvis, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Little Richard, Fats Domino, the Beatles and the Beach Boys, just to name a few.

And if cars and music aren’t your thing, well there was Meyer’s Munchies food truck on hand.