Conservative party pulls attack ad of black man walking over Trudeau tweet


OTTAWA — The Conservative party pulled an attack ad from its Twitter feed Tuesday that depicted a black man carrying a suitcase walking over a tweet from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The tweet is rolled out as a carpet entering a broken fence and the words “faith” and “diversity” are visible.

The Tories have argued that a Trudeau tweet from January 2017 is partly to blame for the influx of asylum seekers crossing into Canada from the United States.

Conservative party spokesman Cory Hann says the ad was axed because the situation at the border is not about any one group of people.

Hann says the image, which shows an actual person “illegally” crossing over the Canadian border, was originally used by a number of media outlets with stories about the surge in asylum seekers.

The full photo shows the man with a group of people carrying suitcases in Quebec, while the edited image used by the Conservative party singled out one man.

A quote from a story in the Financial Post is superimposed on the image which says, “Trudeau’s holier-than-thou tweet causes migrant crisis — now he needs to fix what he started.”

In an opinion piece published Tuesday, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen accused the Tories of “peddling false information to stoke fear” and called it “ridiculous” that they blame the flow of asylum seekers on Trudeau’s tweet.

The Canadian Press


  1. He says its ridiculous that trudeau tweet caused the flow of illegal immigrants crossing border. It is “THE” reason illigal immigrants are crossing at illegal entries into canada. They should be sent back and have to go about it” the” legal way.Enough is enough,we cannot sustain everyone. There is college dorms that are needed for students in august where are they gonna go and you want to let more in that is what is ridiculous. Help canadians that lived here all their lives that live in poverty. I am working poor in a two job household.enough is enough. M y only hope is ford and his gov’t send the message to ottawa that we dont want to support everyone his tweet let in illegally.

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