Craig Makes Case to be ADSB Trustee


My name is Drew Craig and I have chosen to run for ADSB Trustee for Prince & Unorganized Townships. First, because my daughter has been an ADSB student her entire academic career and is going into grade 6. Second, I was a ADSB student from K-12 (Mountain View PS & Bawating C & VS). Third, to be the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

I have volunteered on the School/PTA Councils and served as a Co-Chair at Isabel Fletcher PS.

I was a member of the Sault Steelers Football Team and 3 time CMFL National Champion from 2006-2010.

Also, I volunteered as a Defense Specialty Coach for the Senior Bawating Braves Football team in 2004.

During my 10+ years at ESI I have been on various department and union committees. More recent of which was my appointment & acclamation in February and June respectively as a USW NextGen Regional Representative for Northeastern Ontario while taking a lobbying lead for Scott Duvall’s NPD MP PMB C-384 #EndPensionTheft.

As well, in February I was appointed Chair of USW LU 2251 Political Action Committee and joined the USW District 6 Political Action Committee.

This past April 10th, I was acclaimed as 1 of 3 Trustees for LU 2251 for a three year term commencing May 2018.

Lastly, this past May/June, I had the honour to work USW Member to Member Canvassing and volunteered for Michele Mccleave-Kennedy, NDP candidate, as the Voter Contact Organizer and volunteered on Election Day for NDP MPP Michael Mantha as the Get Out The Vote Organizer for my home poll as well as the Inside/Outside Scrutineer.

With these experiences, coupled with the fact that I grew up and have been through the ADSB system, positions me to better serve our children & parents alike moving forward in these very unpredictable political times especially with Doug Ford & his regime in power for the foreseeable future.

I was in elementary and secondary school during the Mike Harris and Common Sense Revolution and I fear those same conditions will return 10 fold.

With your Vote, I will be your voice and make sure it is heard loud & clear!