Donna’s Running in Ward 3


Donna Hilsinger joined Tim Murphy on Mornings with Lou-Anne and Tim on Wednesdsay morning to talk about her run for City  Councillor in ward 3.

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  1. We finally have two, that’s 2 candidates for Ward three. Neither one, Shoemaker and Hilsinger won’t let anyone push them around. They are knowledgeable in law and business and both love and care about our community. Hilsinger has worked for many projects in our city and Shoemaker is so energetic that he will stop at nothing to succeed in his attack at the idea he has in mind. Ward three voters, here is our answers to our success.

    • Shoe is like the energizer bunny on steroids. City staff is going to have a meltdown if he doesn’t back off on the ridiculous amount of dumb resolutions that cause all sorts of unnecessary work for them. The Amazon one left no doubt that he is a dreamer of epic proportions.

  2. I hope all candidates will be given a chance to come on the morning show and not just cherry-picked candidates so its a fair fight for all involved.

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