Four Superior Media ONNtv Crew Lucky to be Alive Tonight.


Earlier today, Superior Media’s ONNtv Crew went from reporting the news to becoming part of the news. A serious collision took place along Queen Street E. near Pilgrim St. in the Sault’s downtown.

Queen Street was closed at the time for the Downtown Street Party.  A white mid-sized vehicle plowed along Queen St, hitting two vehicles before running into – and over – the Superior Media tent. Four Superior Media staff are lucky to be alive tonight.

Megan Pounder, reporter with Superior Media was one of the four people on scene as it unfolded.

“We were on Queen street setting up for the street party, and a woman in a white car was accelerating as she was coming down the road.” she said.

“She was barreling down Queen Street. Bruce and Treena (Clement) started screaming for her to stop but she accelerated. Bruce yelled for everyone to get out of the way.”

“When she did that (accelerated), she ran into all of the Superior Media ONNtv equipment. She destroyed everything  we had set up. She started slowing down on impact. Bruce leaned into the vehicle window and turned off her ignition. Before she hit Superior media’s tent, she hit a truck near Church Street and Queen.

Megan Pounder said that the driver appeared to be an older female driver.

No injuries were reported on scene. Thank goodness for that!

Mike Chikoski, Bruce and Treena Clement, Megan Pounder – we are all relieved you are still with us tonight.

Sault Police, Sault Fire, EMS paramedics all responded to the scene.


  1. She slammed into a white truck beforehand, then continued on to drive against traffic with people chasing the car yelling at her to stop and pull over, she then continued on and eventually drove into the booth. Maybe stop after smashing into the truck rather than reversing, then driving off the first time?

  2. As this was most likely a medical emergency, the jokes on here are really not necessary. There is absolutely nothing humorous about this. Many people could have been seriously hurt.
    This just shows us how vulnerable we leave ourselves in this city. We often hear in the news how these vehicle incidents are purposely carried out. I can only imagine how shaken this news crew was over this. I hope they are all alright after this.
    It also shows that a couple wooden barricades do not protect anyone from disasters. I would hope that our community leaders and event planners take a good look at how open we leave ourselves and come up with a more secure way to block off these wide open public events.

  3. Might be a senior on serious meds whose Doctor or family members won’t have her license suspended. Too much of that going on.

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