Health Canada ‘concerned’ by cannabis companies sponsoring music events


OTTAWA — Health Canada is prepared to crack down on licensed medical marijuana producers who are sponsoring music festivals and other events.

The federal department says it’s “concerned” about some companies that have engaged in corporate sponsorships and other promotional activities that go against the Cannabis Act.

It says the government has made it “abundantly clear” what isn’t permitted under the laws, such as marketing to young people.

Health Canada issued a statement that says cannabis companies have been dabbling in various forms of marketing that raise red flags — though it highlighted music festivals as a particular point of concern.

Tweed, a brand owned by Canopy Growth Corp., is among the companies that have been sponsoring events across the country, including the Field Trip music festival and Pride Toronto this summer. Aurora Cannabis was a “presenting” sponsor of this year’s North North By Northeast music festival.

While Health Canada didn’t directly acknowledge companies it deemed offenders, it says the actions have underscored a need for “rigorous enforcement” of the laws.





The Canadian Press