Improperly Disposed Butts Cause Fires


During the course of the week, Sault Ste. Marie fire crews responded to numerous calls of small and smoldering outdoor fires. The cause of the fires relates to improper discarding of smoking materials.

By throwing smoking materials on the ground, in flower planters or in flower gardens, the chance of having a fire significantly increases. “Smoking materials need to be disposed of properly to prevent fires from happening,” said Public Education Officer Aaron Gravelle, “We would like to remind all citizens to take the time to properly dispose of smoking materials by dowsing them with water or having a metal container filled with sand to extinguish them.”

There is fire damage to the one of the homes. There were no injuries to report.

Sault Fire Services would also like to remind the public that the MNR imposed burning ban remains in effect for the municipality of Sault Ste. Marie – until further notice.

There will be no open-air burning of any kind at this time and permits will not be available for purchase or renewal until the ban is lifted.


    • A friend was riding in the backseat when the front seat passenger threw his cigarette out the window. It ended up in her burning her hair as she tried to flip it out.

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