Investigation leads to Charges in Wawa. City Official Named.


On May 29, 2018, Superior East region Ontario Provincial Police in Wawa received a Sexual Assault complaint from a woman and forwarded the investigation to the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

Superior Media has confirmed that the individual charged, Chris Wray, is the current CAO Clerk/Treasurer of the city of Wawa.

The information received indicated that the alleged assault had taken place in November of 2016 in Greater Sudbury. The involved parties are known to each other.

The incident was assigned to a Criminal Investigations Division Detective.

As a result of the investigation, on July 23, 2018, 58-year old, Christopher Wray of Wawa, Ontario was arrested and charged with Sexual Assault and Criminal Harassment.

Anyone with information related to this matter or the person involved is asked to contact Police at 705-675-9171 extension 6638 or Crime Stoppers at 705-222-TIPS, or online at


  1. Katy,
    You are so right about the accused he dosen’t care about anyone just himself. I am sure that the police would not charge him without evidence

  2. These charges are never to be taken lightly, but posting the name and potentially ruining his life before all the facts are known is unfair. Why some stories the name isn’t revealed and others it is. Sure it makes news, but there has to be a bigger story here and I think it’s unjust to assume guilt and promote the slander.

    • I completely agree. Innocent until proven guilty. What if some other details come to light and his career and life are already detrimentally affected. This type of news is not something that anyone will forget regardless of the outcome. Perhaps allow the justice system to perform it’s duty first and then publish the outcome of the case only.

  3. I am glad this finally came out into the open. The accuser is brave indeed because Chris Wray will try to ruin her career and life like he has done to others. The man is a tyrant and bully and threatens those that oppose him with legal repercussions repeatedly. May justice be served here!

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