Justin Trudeau Congratulates Lopez Obrador on Winning Mexican Presidency

Lopez CP

A statement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau issued the following statement on the results of the Mexican presidential election:

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, I congratulate Andrés Manuel López Obrador on his election as the next President of Mexico.

Canada and Mexico are close friends and longtime partners. We share common goals, strong people to people ties, and a mutually beneficial trading relationship that is the envy of the world – reflected in our joint effort to update the North American Free Trade Agreement for the 21st century.

Canada is proud of its close links with Mexico, and we will continue to collaborate on issues that matter to citizens from one end of North America to the other.

I look forward to working closely with President-elect López Obrador, his administration and the Mexican Congress to build on the vibrant partnership between our two countries, create economic growth that works for everyone, and advance human rights and equality. Together, we can deepen our strong relationship, and shape a better future for Mexicans and Canadians alike.”


  1. To the left it seems like anybody who isn’t a Sorros mindless drone looks like Trump!
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