Kids Kitchen. Where Sushi and Parfaits were on the Menu.

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Sault Ste. Marie, ON – Community Kitchens: Can you smell what AFS is cooking?

Joanna Richichi, Community Development Facilitator with the Algoma Family Services Community Kitchens and Student Nutrition Program, held the first “Kid’s Kitchen” at the Boston Avenue Hub last week. The young people learned to make cucumber sushi and beach parfaits.

Joanna Richichi, AFS Community Development Facilitator, Community Kitchens/Student Nutrition Program demonstrates the creation of a snack at the “Kids Kitchen” held at the Boston Ave Hub.

The Kid’s Kitchen is one of the great programs in support of the “Every Breakfast Counts” program initiated by the Mayor and supported by Algoma Family Services, the SSM District Social Services Board and the United Way. The goal is to provide breakfast to over 200 children through community hubs in Sault Ste. Marie over the summer. The “Kids Kitchen” allow children to learn how to make nutritious snacks in a fun and interactive way.

In January 2018, Algoma Family Services assumed responsibility for the Community Kitchen programs previously delivered by the Canadian Red Cross. Community Kitchens provide adults in Sault Ste. Marie the opportunity to learn; how to shop for healthy food, valuable cooking skills, and prepare healthy, affordable meals while celebrating food. Participants share cooking ideas and skills, and get to bring home food portions for their families.

The Community Kitchens are delivered through six locations in Sault Ste. Marie, all Algoma Public Health approved.

For more information about AFS Community Kitchens and locations, contact Joanna Richichi at (705) 945-5050