Lake Superior State University’s First Family Takes the Wheel

photo courtesy LSSU/John Shibley.

ALL TOGETHER NOW – Lake Superior State University’s First Family mans the helm of LSSU’s Fourth of July float. They joined about two dozen Laker staff, students, and families for an unbroken Sault, Mich., parade tradition that goes back at least 50 years.

From left are Harry, Sara, LSSU President Rodney Hanley, and Edward. Edward, 6, looks forward to picking up on the area’s soccer activities; Harry, 9, is mulling a pitching career in Sault-area little league.

Mom volunteers with various organizations and likes to be involved at the children’s school. Dad looks forward to testing trout and salmon streams on both sides of the US-Canadian border.

The family is still unpacking from a move up from Nashville, Tenn., where Hanley was provost at Fisk University.