Local Woman Turns Misfortune into Beauty


Nestled in the building of 510 Queen Street East, The Beauty Lounge – whose doors have been open since May 1st – offers a variety of spa services.

Owner Roberta Socchia said she decided to open the spa after Lifeforia unexpectedly closed its doors in June of 2017.

“After the tragic closing of Lifeforia. I had no idea what to do – I was in shock. When you find a job and a work place where everyone is like family it is hard to move on. We had a really tight bond at Lifeforia. I even tried to make a go of the space again but unfortunately it wasn’t possible for me financially on my own.

I knew I wanted to open my own place, but when or where was the question. I looked at several spaces which were all beautiful, but again the extent of construction that would have to go into a space to suit my needs was a little out of my budget. I had sat down and spoke with financial advisors we have to utilize in town. All were very helpful and with great advice. But I thought to myself do I really want to go into all this debt? I wanted the big spa – I wanted Lifeforia. But after long sleepless nights constantly thinking of numbers and starting to lose hope on my dream I spoke with a friend of mine who is a local business owner in town and he told me start small and grow. The last thing you wanna do is set yourself up for failure going big and being over your head in debt. It wasn’t what I envisioned, but as time passed, I knew I had to make a decision. That’s when my mother-in-law showed me the space I am in now – she’s a hair dresser at The Queen Street Lounge next door.”

Although the closure of Lifeforia was one factor, Socchia also has her mother-in-law to thank for her decision to even start a career in the beauty business.

“When I graduated out of high school, I actually wanted to always pursue business, but after taking the general business program, (I realized) it wasn’t really something for me,” she said. “And then, when I met my husband, his mother owns a hair salon, and she said ‘why don’t you go take the esthetics program and come work with me?’ And that was just the start of something good, obviously. I mean, eight years later, I’m here.”

Socchia said the community response has been amazing since the spa opened its doors in May.

“As I come into my third month of being opened I couldn’t be more happier!” she exclaimed. “The response I have received from the community has been AMAZING! Also the feedback on the space has been great as well. People love it!!”

Socchia said The Beauty Lounge is honouring Lifeforia gift cards, but treating them like discount cards.

“As a former employee, I just thought that I would reach out to all those people and honour the gift cards, kind of like a discount card,” she said. “If this is the least I can do to reach out to those people, and kind of help them, because we were told there’s a significant amount of gift cards out there, so if I can, I’ll do something to help them out.”

For every $50 you spend, you get $10 off your service, depending on the value of the gift card.

Socchia says she has some big plans in store for the future of the spa.

“I’m here for the year. I’m looking to expand into the store front out front. I definitely have some ideas for the future. I would like to expand and grow. I’d also like to have some of my former co-workers come work with me – I have Monique here with me now, she’s here full-time, she just started in July – she is a former employee of Lifeforia as well; she was the manager there in the spa. So here to start, starting out small, and then hopefully we’ll grow,” she said.

To book an appointment, call the spa at (705) 257-5415. Walk-ins are also welcome.


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