Multi-Vehicle Accident on Trunk and Wellington

A truck collided with an e-bike at the intersection of Trunk Rd. and Wellington St. Photo by SaultOnline Team.


SaultOnline just received a report of a multi-vehicle accident involving a truck and an e-bike at the intersection of Trunk Road and Wellington St.

No injuries have been reported as of yet.

Stayed tuned to SaultOnline/ONNtv for updates as they become available.


  1. Well do you need a license and insurance for a regular bike they scare me more then a E Bike on the road . Give it up people they don’t have power like a car or a motorcycle they have electric batteries and they have just as much right as a bike on the road !

  2. I feel like a prisoner in my own community sometimes. Uneasy. Unsafe. A lot of these e bikers are into that other lifestyle. The .5 percenters (.5%). Not really the people who make me feel safe. I’ve already seen several Sons Of Anarchy cuts flying around town. With the Sault Ste. Marie bottom rocker. There’s going to be a clubhouse before we know it, if there isn’t already:::::….

  3. So when you get into an accident with one does that mean you dont have to show your licenses as they sure dont have one & who pays for the damage to your actual road vehicle

  4. To the people saying “they shouldn’t be on the roads”….please don’t lump everyone into the same group of bad drivers. Bicycles, scooters , Harleys, crotch rockets, cars, trucks,you name it…we ALL have a right to be on the road. The 3rd accident ? That’s pretty low compared to cars and pedestrians. FYI, 10 speed pedal bikes go faster than an E bike….are they next on the docket if one crashes ?

    • I have to dodge cars every time i cross an intersection because drivers dont follow the rules of the road…..havent had a ebike cut me off or almost run me over yet only people with real cars and trucks and I dont jay walk I use lights and walk signs if i miss it i wait for the next walk…

  5. The laws around these e bikes need to be revisited, this is the third major accident involving a vehicle and an e bike in the last month, one prior to the one listed in this article (happened at intersection by underpass) had a blood stain that almost completely filled the intersection

  6. I dont understand how they classify this as a a road vehicle when you dont need a license to drive one…they are a nuisance to actual drivers more than anything, & by no means a motorcycle, but still nice to hear no one was hurt

    • Same rules as a bicycle!
      It pisses me off more when the e-bikers and cyclists don’t follow the rules of the road!
      The corner of Third Line east and Industrial park drive is a perfect example!
      The Hub Trail actually has the stop sign and no one on the trail ever stops!
      Vehicle traffic on third line turning into industrial park have the right of way!
      I’ve almost hit people before and have also been hit from on coming traffic because hub trail users don’t watch or follow the friggin rules!

    • Hey, Dave, thanks for catching my mistake! I did change the headline on the website; it just won’t change on this page once it’s been pushed out to Facebook. Thanks again!

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