MP Sheehan pleased to see Sault short-listed for the NORONT Resources Processing Plant

NORONT Resources Ltd. CEO Alan Coutts and MP Terry Sheehan in Ottawa June 2018 when the two met to discuss the Ring of Fire project. Sault Ste. Marie is one of two remaining locations being considered for New Chromite Smelter. photo courtesy MP Terry Sheehan's office.

July 13, 2018 – Sault Ste. Marie, ON – MP Sheehan first met with Alan Coutts more than two years ago in Ottawa and has met many more times with him and other representatives of NORONT.

“I am pleased that NORONT has decided to continue to work with the Sault’s Team on this very important economic project. I will continue to work with the Mayor, MPP, Economic Development Corporation, City Staff, members of the community, and other private/public stakeholders to make sure we can demonstrate why the Sault is the best location for this facility.” stated MP Sheehan.


  1. More gov’t money (ie. taxpayers hard earned dollars) being dumped into a venture no one else would touch…no alarm bells?

  2. Folks, if you have been following this NORONT Resources file at all, you would know that our MPP Ross Romano has hit the road running ever since he was elected in a by-election just over a year ago. Romano has been up to the Ring of Fire location, has interacted with the locals, but in particular, the indigenous leaders of the local reserves that are most affected and involved with this development. Romano has also been at the head office of NORONT Resources and worked closely with the executives to see this development move forward, with every intention and effort to see that this major project ends up right here in his riding, Sault Ste. Marie.
    Let’s hope that MP Sheehan, Mayor Provenzano and MPP Romano work together, cohesively, and as someone recently can be quoted as saying, let’s truly have “all hands on deck” to see this to a successful conclusion. Good luck to us all and good luck to SSM.

    • As a city Councillor Mr. Fata…you should be concerned about the health of city residents…not just supporting what your idol Mr. Romano supports. There are a lot of concerns about what this plant may do to the environment. Have YOU even looked into this Mr. Fata?

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