Official List of Candidates for Sault Mayor and Council – Municipal Election.


The following is the list of certified candidates for the upcoming October 22, 2018 Municipal Election – City of Sault Ste. Marie:


  • Johnson, Ted
    Unit 2, 350 Albert Street West
    [email protected] – 705.206.5995
  • Martinovic, Kemal Joseph
    Unit 221, 721 North Street
  • Provenzano, Christian
    1409 Queen Street East
    [email protected] – 705.949.5411
  • Ring, Rory
    1958 Queen Street East
    [email protected]

Councillor – Ward 1

Councillor – Ward 2

Councillor – Ward 3

Councillor – Ward 4

Councillor – Ward 5


  1. Hopefully the majority of the Councillors will be replaced as they are well beyond their expiry dates. Some fresh young minds are needed without question if this city is ever going to be more than a retirement town, which it is pretty much destined to be already from the years of bad decisions made by the current relics.

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