Residents leave homes as Ontario forest fires burn, blaze near Trans-Canada


KILLARNEY, Ont. — Residents of a community in northeastern Ontario are leaving their homes as a forest fire burns nearby, while others in the region brace for an evacuation order that could come at any moment.

The fire known as Parry Sound 33 started on July 18 and Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources says the blaze has now burned more than 100 square kilometres.

The ministry says the fire is now only five kilometres from the Trans-Canada Highway.

In Killarney, Ont., heavy smoke hung in the air as residents left the community.

Dunna Butson, who has been living in Killarney for 17 years, says she’s packed a bag of clothes and is leaving her property.

Another resident, Gordon Fraser, says he’s leaving the area as well and doesn’t know when he can return.

“I am worried about my property…. But we are not hungry and we are dry and safe… so what can you do,” he said amid tears. “We will be back.”

The municipality of French River, Ont., has issued an evacuation alert, warning residents in some areas that they should be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.


The Canadian Press