Update – Scooter Driver Taken to Hospital after Mid-Afternoon Collision. (video)

july 8, 2018. photo by lynne brown/superior media

A collision between a pick up truck and a scooter took place around 3:00 pm today in the Sault’s east end, near the Esso gas station at Wellington St. E and Trunk Road.

The scooter driver was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Staff Sergeant Kevin Dukes spoke with Superior Media and shared that the scooter driver was taken to Sault Area Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Staff Sergeant Dukes further stated that the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

The Fire Department was called in to help clean up an extensive debris field.



  1. That’s why ANY motorized vehicle, be it electric or internal combustion engine powered that can drive more than 10km/hr, regardless of size, should indeed have the same right and rules. Must be plated, insured and have a valid drivers license to operate. That includes these scooters and e-bikes. Those that don’t meet these criteria, like those used by physically disabled or physically impaired (ie. motorized wheelchairs) should be exempt but must always use the sidewalks and yield to pedestrians and NOT use the roadway. I always see the so called e-bike and scooter drivers ignore the rulers of the road and almost cause accidents themselves all the time. I’ve been cut off by them many times. They swerve back and forth on the road and across lanes all the time without looking behind them first. They need to abide by the same rules as any other vehicle on any roadways.

  2. Maybe it should be made known to drivers that people on scooters have the same rules of the road as they do. To many times I have almost been hit by inconsiderate people in to much of a rush to get nowhere.

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