Steeletown Girls Give Exclusive Performance With ONNtv


Tammy Hill and Morgan Steele, Steeletown Girls, visited the ONNtv Studios over the weekend to share a sneak-peek into their upcoming album. For the full interview, click here.

These two ladies have combined their musical talent, creating a dynamic, power-house duo. More on the background of Steeletown Girls can be found here.

The band is working on their upcoming debut album, ‘Steeletown Girls,’ which is in the final stages. “It’s about 80% finished, everything is pretty well about to wrap up,” said Hill, “We’re just perfecting it, making it a real, live, good product, not just two people and an acoustic guitar. The songs are worth more than that.”

Most of their work is done long-distance, as Steele goes to school down south and Hill is living in the Sault. Of the unorthodox collaboration, Steele explained “Tammy sends me different mixes of the songs and I tell her what I like and don’t. We do pretty well at collaborating from a distance. We both have ideas, and it’s amazing what you can articulate through a voice memo on your phone.”

The girls perform together whenever Steele is home, primarily at Richard’s Landing, The Canadian, and Outspoken Brewery. “We will play anywhere that will have us,” Steele laughed.

Their goal for the summer is to finish the album and then hopefully start touring.

The song they shared with ONNtv is called ‘Until I met you,’ and it was inspired by her nephew, Dax.

For more information on Steeletown Girls, you can visit them on Instagram or Facebook. You can also find their music on Spotify or Apple Music.


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