Summer Robotics Program Offered for Students

We may be looking at our next generation of engineers, or VEX Robotics competition winners!

Algoma District School Board, in partnership with VEX Robotics, is hosting their third annual summer camp for students.

Mark Carlucci, from White Pines Robotics, came into the studio to share a little bit about the camps.

These week-long camps provide a fun environment while teaching practical, hands-on engineering and computer science skills. Students, grouped grades 3-5 and 6-8, get the opportunity to build robots and learn to program.

The camps take place Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm at Pinewood school, and the cost per participant is $50.The camps are geared toward students who want to get involved with robotics, whether they want to compete in VEX, a worldwide platform of robotics, or not.

Week 1, which took place from July 9th to 13th, was a skills camp for students entering grades 3-5. Week 2, July 9th-13th, is geared towards students who are new to robotics, have limited experience, or who are not interested in the competitive element of the program. Students will build a variety of robots and learn to program and participate. Week 3, July 23rd to 27th, is a competition camp for students entering grades 4-8. They will work on building and programming for competition, preparing to be a part of a competitive VEX team in the fall.

Carlucci said, “They also get to work on other skills like creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork… You learn the engineering and programming, but the soft skills like getting through challenges and trouble shooting are very useful in any aspect of life. Whether or not you are interested in going into a technical field, it is useful to have background in those things.”

VEX, a worldwide platform of robotics, is a program that allows students to compete at the elementary, with plastic-base materials, and high school, using metal and learning programming, levels of robotics. Teams will compete in a local competition in the winter, with winners moving on to a regional competition down South, from which the winners then compete in Kentucky for the World Championships. The Sault has seen immense talent from local robotics teams such as Lone Wolf Robotics, who competed at the world-level last year.

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