The Bradford Family Art Show: A Legacy of Creativity (Gallery)

art show
Cindy Hatt (Previously Bradford), artist and event organizer. Photo by Will McBride/SaultOnline

The Bradford Family displayed four generations of art at their second art show this weekend. The first one took place in 2011, consisting of 19 artists. This one featured art from over 30.

And they are all related!

A passion and knack for art has been passed down generation to generation, starting with Louise Bradford. Cindy Hatt, previously Bradford, one of the event organizers and artists retold the family history “Grandma Louise was an artist and she would sit with my dad (Doug Bradford) and his brothers and sisters and they would do art while she was working. She was always singing and there was always music in the house. She always encouraged them to be artistic and creative, and that is how it all started.”

Having grown up with art, the family is very encouraging and positive of one another as they continue to explore their artistic sides.

The youngest artist, Mac Bradford, is 11-months old, followed closely by his 2-year old cousin, Ollie. “They both have work under their belt,” said Cindy Hatt, previously Bradford, one of the event organizers and artists.

“All of my cousins are artists and so are their kids,” Hatt explained. “We have writers, sculptors, photographers, painters, movie makers, just a huge range of creativity in our family.”

The event took place at Mockingbird Farm, a venue near and dear to the heart of the Bradfords. Hatt told SaultOnline that her father grew up down the road from the farm, and they try to go as much as possible when she is in town from B.C. “The farm is Farmer Bob’s landscape, it is how he expresses himself, so it really is the perfect venue.”

Bradfords who couldn’t make it sent in art so they could take part as well. Hatt described the event as a huge success.

For anyone who didn’t have a chance to check out the art show, they can visit the Bradfords online here. Commissioned work can be done as well.