The Police Chief Talks Project HEAT.


The city’s new Police Chief recently came into our ONN TV studios to talk about Project HEAT.  Hugh Stevenson tells us about what his plans are for Sault Ste Marie and what he sees as his priorities.

Watch the video above.

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  1. Refreshing to see a Chief interested in getting back to doing police work rather than handing out condoms at Albert amd Gore. Welcome to the Soo Chief Stevenson. Good luck and go get em!

  2. It’s time to put some HEAT on the cars and motorcycles with loud exhausts that drag race at scary speeds on Bay street between East and Pim streets every day and even worse on the weekends. My Memaw has lived in this area for many years and tells me it’s a problem that has has never been policed even though area residents complain about it frequently.

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