Three Car Collision at Busy East-End Intersection. (Video)

photo credit: Daniel Laprade, KC Security.
photo credit: Daniel Laprade, KC Security

Earlier this evening, an accident took place at the intersection of Lake St and Wellington Street East.

Sault Fire Services and EMS paramedics were on the scene, responding to the collision around 8:00 pm.

There were three vehicles involved. No serious injuries reported.


photo credit: Daniel Laprade, KC Security


  1. I’m sure you meant that a “collision” took place. I hear people using the word “accident”, as though it excuses their responsibility.
    Many consider “accident” to be the opposite of “intentional”. No one (or I hope no one) goes out and intentionally gets into a collision.

  2. Careless driving every day in this city. Our insurance rates will never go any way but UP.

  3. And WOW there are lights there! Goes to show you drivers cause accidents. The effectiveness of lights or lack of irrelevant when driver not paying attentions.

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